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Detail Dwala

Name: Dwala

Meaning: Rock

Gender: Female

Age: Depends

Species: Lion

Affiliation: Pride member in the Pridelanders

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Sarabi, Naanda and Diku

Mate: Unknown

Cubs: Taji and Farida

Personality: Dwala is very playful and childish, the most energetic and bouncy of her sisters. She is very immature and cheeky as a cub, which remained with her into her adolescents. She is very friendly and always up for a game. She grows more responsible when she decides to have cubs, and is a kind mother, still playful but no longer reckless and risky.

History: Born with her sisters at priderock, she quickly became friends with all the other cubs. Dwala loved having fun, and with all her friends she always had it. From a early age, she saw the sparks flying between Mufasa and Sarabi, and Taka and Naanda. She always teased her eldest siblings for this, and loved when they chased her afterwards. She always tried to make Diku be more outgoing, but it never truly worked. She didn't mind, she loved her sisters more than anything!

When she grew into a young lioness, and all her friends who were females strted to want cubs. She didn't wan to grow up just yet, and refused to admit to wanting it too. That was untill the others became pregnant, especially when Diku returned, who was the most timid of them all. She knew she was still to cub like and immature for cubs, so she pushed the feeling aside.

When her sisters, Diku and Sarabi, and the other lionesses had their cubs, she finally realized it was time to stop being reckless. She grew up, yet still remained her playful self. So when the cubs started to get bigger, she left in search of a mate. She found one, and later returned to the pridelands with a swollen belly. Her mate soon followed her. Both were welcomed back, and Dwala learned Sarafina was pregnant again!

She gave birht to two cubs, a son and a daughter. Taji and Farida she named them. She loved them dearly.

The day Mufasa and his son and Sarabis son, SImba died in a stampede. Dwala ws frightened for the first time in her life, Scar took the throne, and all adult males were exiled. One of them was her mate. She raised her cubs with as much love as possible, promising one day their father would be allowed to return to them.

When Scar allowed the Hyenas t kill the cubs, Dwala was surprised when Diku, timid Diku, was the one to protect them. Her sister got a damagded leg in the process, and it became lame. But she was proud of her sister. And Scar let the cubs live.

But the cubs all grew before anything that could save the pride could happen. Scar would exile the males for sure, so the second generation departed for their own safety. Nala was the only one who left to find help. Dwala was heart broken, but knew she had to hope for the best. By now, Scar(Taka) refused to listen to a word, Naanda said. He stripped her of her title as his queen. By now she hardly cared. Dwala was overjoyed when Nala returne with Simba! Who had been alive all this time. He over-threw Scar, after he admitted to being the murder of Mufasa.

Her children and the others returned shortly after, news had reached them.

(More to come ;3)

Relation to TLK: Sarabi's sister, mother to Simbas cousins

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^-^ Thankies!

June 11, 2013
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Oh, she's simply incredible! I adore her! (And the fact she's Sarabi's sister >:3)

June 11, 2013
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Thanks ^-^

June 11, 2013
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Lone Wolf who protects others
She's beautiful ^^

June 10, 2013
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:D Thanks Buddeh!

June 10, 2013
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N'awwe :"DD She's so amazing ^^ I love her bio and her personality :"33

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