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Dwala (Sukalaverse)

Dwala (Sukalaverse)


Created by : Sukala A.P.

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Orange

Specific type : ---------


Detail Dwala (Sukalaverse)

Name: Dwala

First Apparition Date: 1990 (2018 for my version of her) 

Species: Lion (Panthera Leo)

Family: Sarabi (sister), Naanda (sister), Diku (sister), Malka's father (older brother), the Keenest of Sight of Scar's Lion Guard (former mate), Mtoto (son), Simba (nephew), Tojo (nephew), Malka (nephew) 

Age/Generation: Elderly, born during Ahadi's reign.

Status: Alive

Residence: Malka' s Pride (formely), Pride Lands

Alignment: Good

Appearance: Dwala is a beige lioness with orange eyes, a pink-ish nose and dark ear rims. 

Personality: She is the most playful one among her sisters, and can be a little childish at times. She always tries to cheer up those in need, even if it doesn't neccessarily solve their problems. She is often seen smiling at sunny days. Even during intense heat or a drought, she somewhat manages to keep her smile really wide. She can be more serious at times. 

Like And Dislikes: Surprisingly, she prefers sunny warm days over hydrating rainy days as the sun is a sign of happiness to her. She seems pretty much nuts for that. She especially adores little cubs and enjoys playing games with them. She gets along with other lionesses perfectly fine. 

Fact About Her: She is a deleted character that was set to appear in The Lion King as one of Sarabi's sisters. It's just my interpretation of her. 

History: Dwala was born in the Pride Land's neighboring pride, in the other side of the mountain. She was the youngest in her litter. She arrived along with her sisters in the Pride Lands when Sarabi was betrothed to Mufasa, and later all ended up saying there. 

​​​​​​With the Keenest of Sight of Scar's Lion Guard, Diku had Mtoto. But before Mtoto's birth, Dwala's mate got killed in an "accident" while he was on his duty. It saddened her to lose the timid but kind-hearted lion, but she focused on raising her son. 

Dwala is currently an elderly lioness retired from hunting activities. 


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