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Detail Drummer

Name (Full) 
(also known as 'Tiger' for how he looks)


Same age as Kovu and Kiara's grandcubs (about one or two years younger)

Type (of lion): 

Current Rank Status (in Pride):
Cadet member of the Pride's 'Auni' (Guardians)


Robust, muscly but sleek, Drummer has striking markings and colours inherited from both sides of his family; he has a kind of 'beard' which becomes part of his mane as he matures; his general appearance is very similar to a tiger's, leading to his nickname.

Ginger-chestnut shades, white, black and some dark grey; green eyes; dark brown nose

Distinctive Characteristics
His mane hair is choppy/matted and looks like what could be described as 'dreadlocks'.


Drummer is rough-and-tumble and generally tough. Being thick-skinned, he won't take much personally, although he may pretend to, just to have a fun scrap over it. Drummer wants to be involved in most activities, especially if they are practical and useful, or its means there'll be loads of action - he has loads of boyish energy to burn and being busy helps him alot! He is very expressive but not loud - being quite sensitive and careful not to annoy anyone -  and can, on odd occassions, come up with some pretty radical ideas. He wants to do the best for his pride, especially for his family.
Playfighting and scrapping; competing;  getting mucky; doing practical things; working; training

Tidying himself up (although he will willingly oblige for his parents); sitting around doing nothing.

Musical/Instrumental Theme
Er . . . Big bass drum (?) or African war drum.


Friends and Relations 
Jot (father), Rin (mother), Jafiya, Jet (paternal grandparents), Lynnie (sister), Kyra, Sula, Tamura (paternal aunts), Ave, Imani (maternal uncle and aunt), Bamoma Gabon, Rileigh (maternal uncle and aunt).

Lagiza the Weaver and his Tribe


Relationships with Other Lions 
Strangers would see him as an energetic character, but not in any way extrovert, content with keeping himself out of anyone's way. Friends and family know him to be respectful and dutiful, fond of a game and a laugh with those he knows well.




Before Drummer and his sister Lynnie were born, there was war between the pride led by their grandparents (King Jafiya and Queen Jet) and the tribe of a great enemy, Emperor Obbler. The war ended with the two prides uniting as the Isu Keeney (Pride of Peace). Drummer and Lynnie's parents were Jot, a Prince of the Isu Keeney, and Rin, a lioness who had given up her days of being a wanderer adventuring alongside her brother Ave. Jot and Rin had their cubs unusually late - they had twins, the eldest of whom was Drummer.

Drummer was named for the way he swept his tail about when excited, drumming it against the ground. Drummer was fit, healthy and spent his first few years growing up in a time of calmness between the two united prides, when all bad feeling from the previous wars had evaporated. There were troubles, however, in the shape of an old enemy of both prides, going by the name of Lagiza the Weaver . . . 


Lagiza and his Tribe of barbaric warriors had began causing trouble for the Isu Keeney since years before (it was these savages that had captured Jot and Rin and tried to brainwash them into joining their tribe, which was the reason the couple started family life so late once they managed to escape Lagiza's clutches). A lion of the Isu Keeney, Comoros, began leading patrols to eradicate the threat of Lagiza; however his efforts proved fruitless. The trouble was, Lagiza's lions had become elusive - they  seemed able to vanish into thin air, usually escaping being persued by patrols after disappearing over riverbanks and sheer cliffs . . . It was a long time before it was discovered Lagiza's lions had taken to hiding underground, living in tunnels dug by other large animals or themselves, and they were using secret entrances to escape pursuit.

. . . A year or so after this discovery, Comoros decided the Isu Keeney needed a special military force to focus on protecting the pride against Lagiza, namely. He declared his group of guardians would be called 'The Auni' and he began choosing a small assembly of young lions he could trust for the job. When Drummer and his twin sister Lynnie (by this time in their adolesence) came to hear of the 'Auni', they were keen to become part of it, even though they had had little training in the ways of serious fighting. Drummer took it upon himself to ask his parents' permission for Lynnie and himself to join the Auni, begging but in his sensitive way, i.e. whenever he thought it was a good time. 

Jot and Rin were reluctant to yield to Drummer's request, however; after long captivity under Lagiza, they were concerned for their cubs' safety fighting against the forces of Lagiza, who they knew first-hand to be a malicious and dangerous foe. But they eventually relented, deciding that if Comoros thought Drummer and his sister were capable enough, then the pair would become part of the Auni.

Drummer and Lynnie were presented to Comoros. The Auni leader, although dubious at first, soon saw the two young lions had potential - they certainly had determination. He put them under the temporary guidance of Kyle, his apprentice, to take them on a test mission that would prove their worth. The test consisted of journeying to the Elephant Graveyard to check if Lagiza had set up one of his many headquarters there. The mission was planned to be quite a passive one, chosen simply to evaluate Drummer and his sister's endurance on the journey and see how they took care of themselves away from home . . . in reality, there was little chance Lagiza would set up a base in the forsaken Graveyard land.

However, the mission turned out to be tougher than anticipated, when Kyle and his charges found themselves in the midst of a completely unimagined situation. A small group of Lagiza's lions had actually indeed taken residence in the Graveyard. The Tribal lions were surviving quite well in the desolate land, by digging holes and feeding on the elephants that fell into them by being tricked or pestered . . . elephants that came to pay respects to their dead and dying. 

Kyle guessed the enemy were living in the Elephant Graveyard because it bordered the Pridelands, and that they planned to spy on the rulers of that territory, King Kovu and Queen Kiara. Kyle decided this was a good opportunity to really test Drummer and Lynnie. He came up with a kind of extension of their initial mission . . . 

The three Isu Keeney lions set up camp in the Graveyard. For weeks, they lived an almost secret existance, keeping out of sight of Lagiza's minions, but watching their enemy's every move and listening in on their plans regarding spying on the neighbouring Pridelands. Indeed, the spies had become the spied upon. It was Drummer and Lynnie's job to pass all gathered information to King Kovu and Queen Kiara; at intervals, they had to find their way out of the Graveyard, through the Pridelands to Pride Rock, the Royal residence - all while covering their scent and tracks - and pass on whatever news Kyle had told them to pass on. This was all very exciting, serious and nerve-racking for Drummer and Lynnie. They had been catapulted into the exciting life of the Auni before even joining the group. During the whole mission, the two young cadets followed Kyle's every experience-backed order to the letter, knowing how important it was that they did so, for the slightest mistake could cost them their lives, the lives of the Pridelanders . . . or even the safety of their own pride.

Lagiza's Graveyard lions were eventually vanquished by King Kovu's forces with all the help of Kyle, Drummer and Lynnie; the three were proclaimed Honourable Friends of the Pridelanders - ever welcome in that kingdom - for their service, strengthening the alliance that already existed between the Royal family and the Isu Keeney all the more. Then, Kyle led the way home, deftly reported to Comoros that the mission was 150% successful, and immediately recommended Drummer and Lynnie as Auni members. Comoros was impressed, and allowed the pair into the Auni as cadets.

And so started Drummer and Lynnie's career in the Auni - Lagiza's forces had been beaten but not eradicated; there was much more for the young lions to do yet to completely defeat their pride's arch enemy . . . 


Relation to the Lion King Universe
He and his sister did great service to the Pridelanders by working against a mutual foe, Lagiza the Weaver and his Tribe.


Special thanks to Pawface for help with his mane-style! :AsanteSanaSquashBanana:


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