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Diku (HIE)

Diku (HIE)


Created by : Hige Is Epic

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Diku (HIE)

Name: Diku

Meaning: Somewhere

Gender: Female

Age: Depends

Species: Lion

Affiliation: Pride member in the Pridelanders

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Sarabi, Naanda and Dwala

Mate: Unknown rogue

Cubs: Kula

Personality: Diku was very passive and neutral to conflict when she was younger, she prefered to avouid play fighing with her siblings. Or when her two elder sisters clashed heads. As she grows, she becomes a respected lionesses, as she thinks things through clearly, and tries her best to stop violence among others if she can. Later on, she starts becoming braver, and puts her life on the line if she has too. Diku is normally very sweet and loving, labeled the timid and gentle sister.

History: Diku along her sisters, Naanda, Sarabi and Dwalla were born to their parents at pride rock. She grew up with the other cubs, Mufasa, Taka, Sarafina, Themba and Katlego. She was always the quietest out of all of the cubs, and followed into their games either if she didn't like what they were. Her cub hood was reletively normal. As they grew older, she began to worry for her sister Naanda, who was beginning to form a relationship with Taka, who had recently became 'Scar. But DIku kept her thoughts to herself, to timid to show her concern.

When she reached adolescent, she began to want a mate. Sarabi was already happy with Mufasa as his future queen. Yet Naanda was worried this would prevent her and Taka being mates also. KIng Uru and Ahade allowed it, but only as Scar was only happy around Naanda. Diku decided it was time to leave to find a suitable mate. So she did.

She searched for quite some time, but she finally found a rogue. A handsome rouge, Diku fell immedietly, and though she was timid, followed him till he took note of her.

She later returned to the Pridelands, belly swollen and as happy as could be. Her sister Sarabi was pregnant with Mufasas cub , and Themba and Katego were also expecting. Dwalla didn't think she was ready yet, and was waiting for a bit longer. Diku secretly agreed that her sister was still to childish and iresponsible to become a mother so soon. Naanda on the other hand,was still dicussing with Scar about cubs, she was nervous, which was unlike her. Diku noticed how this seemed to irritate Scar, and that something was off between the two of them. But she put it aside, as her friend Sarafina was also heavy with cubs. The pridelands next generation were floureshing.

The lionesses gave birth to the cubs at similiar times, first it was Katlego, who birthed her daughter Tama and son Chumvi. Then Themba who had a beautiful son, Tojo.Oddly, Sarafina and Sarabi gave birth around the same time, at dawn. Sarabi to Prince Simba, and Sarafina to Nala, who was going to be the princes betrothed. Lasty, Diku gave birth to a daughter, she named her Kula.

She loved her from the fis=rst time her eyes gazed upon her. It was a happy time for the pride. That was untill when Ahadi vanished. And Mufasa quicky ascended the throne, along with Sarabi, Simba was presented a few days afterwards. Diku just thought Ahadi had gotten lost and died somewhere, he had become fairly ill recently.

Diku took care of Kula, depsite how she always begged for food if she was hungry. Diku didn't mind, she loved caring for her little girl.

Not too long after, Dwalla gave birth to two young cubs, after she had finally decided she was ready. And later on Sarafina had anougher cub, her son Mheetu.

But, when the day that Mufasa and Simba died in the stampeded, Kula had a very bad feeling. When Scar took over and let the hyenas into the pridelands, she never strayed too far from her daughter fearing for her safety. But she knew she was too timd to do much. That was, untill the day Scar decided to let the Hyenas have the cubs to eat, when Diku heard the lionessess panicked tells, and the cubs screaming in terror. She just snapped, she put herself between the hyenas and the cubs, protecting them and her daughter . The hyenas swarmed her and she had to run, they chased her till she fell off of a part o priderock. Luckily it was'nt a higher part, but she was serverly injured, and she landed on her back leg. It was covered from scars from them on, and it became lame. Diku didn't care, she had finally stood up for the right thing. She felt happy when her sisters praised her for protecting the cubs. That night she slept soundly with Kula in her paws. Scar decided to let the cubs live, Naanda had been furious at him.

But Diku knew that the time would come when no one would be able to protect the cubs. That time came.

Diku watched her daughter bloom into a young and beautiful lioness, along with Nala and Tama. The male cubs had grown to be quite strong , despite their lack of food. She knew Scar would exile the males,

But Tojo, Mheetu and Chumvi decided to leave before he could. They bade farewell and left, Tama, Dwallas children and sadly Kula left with them. Diku was heartbroken, but let her go, knowing it was for her safety. Nala refused to abandon the pride, but left in search of help. Diku hoped she found some, and that then Kula and the others would be able to come home.

After Simba returned and defeated Scar, Diku relaxed and was happy again, living with all her lovd ones again.


(More to come..perhaps B3)

Relation to TLK: Sarabi's sister, mother to Kula.

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^-^ Thanks Claire :D I wanted to take a twist to her being the passive one an all~

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Now this is the most interesting version of Diku I've seen ^^ Bravo

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