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Created by : Simon Ferocious

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Demetry

Name:  Demetry

Meaning: -

Theme: Siouxse And The Banshees - Happy Houise

Age: Depends on use

Parents: Unknown, his adoptive father is Jeren

Siblings: -

Personality: Demetry 's rather eerie within the fact that he finds humour in seeing people getting hurt (Though this is only those he dislikes). The lion is also quite the flirt who goes for either gender and takes all harsh words in his stride. But give or take these traits he'd loyal and protective when it comes to friends and family. He is also rather limited when it comes to knowledge, this may be due to how he was formally raised.

Love interest: None

Mate: None

Cubs: None

History: Demetry was born during a drought in his original pride's territory. Due to this his parents travelled to the savannah near pride rock so they'd find a new home. Yet along the journey his father was killed and by the end his mother died from a lack of water. To his luck Demetry was found by Jeren upon being on his own and clearly under nourished. As a result Jeren took him under his wing and welcomed him to his pride as his son. From being with more lions he gained confidence and a rather witty sense of humour. Over time he then began to flirt with females who showed interest in him. When gaining responses of disgust he saw the humour in the sitution and continued to do so to males as well (Though he wouldn't mind having amate he tends to ruin his chances). Either way Demetry soon went on to be the lion who Jeren raised him to be and has since promised to continue his father's legacy of running his pride along with Jeren's two neices. 

Friends: Thea, Nancy (Open)

Enemies: (Open)

Generation: Sixth (After Kiara's)

Extra: Due to being so under nourished at a young age his mental capasity is limited so he can appear stupid at times.

Base: (c)Myself

Background: -

Relation to The Lion King: He lives with Simba's brother and holds a bond with Kovu and Kiara's daughters. He also visits Simba with Jeren at times.

Voice actor: Joe Thomas


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