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Created by : Swashh.

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Yellow

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail 'Deka'

Name- Deka

Pronunciation - 'Deck-a'

Meaning-  'Pleasing' (African origin)


An unknown tribe (Formally)

Pride rock (currently)

Parents / carer(s)- 

??? x ???

Personality- Deka is a carefree lioness who cares very little for tradition. She loves to go on adventures and pull pranks on those around her. Even though this goes against her tradition she couldn't care any less. Deka isn't much of a lady, if anything she is an energetic tomboy who lives to make life fun. If conflict is involved she wouldn't hesitate to get involved but she doesn't like the idea of petty drama. Yet she finds herself dragged in to this sort of stuff all the time to her own distaste.

Mate- Otieno

Love interest / crush- Otieno

Cubs- None

Siblings- ​Sutar (Older sister)

History- Deka was lucky enough to not face the constant reminders of family traditions. From a young age she separated herself from that part of the family. While her mother didn't approve, her father influenced her to go off on her own route in life. This happened to cause a rift between her and her older sister Sutar. Deka despised how her sister went along with the rules and regulations their mother had created. What annoyed her more was how Sutar went along with the arranged betrothal to Gainell.

But she soon went on to ignoring her and set her signs on supporting Khan. He viewed him as someone far more reliable than Gainell... But this may have also been due to how Gainell was the one that Sutar was loyal to. So Deka put herself on the line for Gainell's brother. So much so that whenever Queen Kiara spoke of Gainell she would zone out and act as though she couldn't hear her. Due to being so disrespectful she was often scolded by her mother but she wasn't fazed. Deka only stepped away from her responsibilities to either go on small adventures or help Khan however she could. But from time to time she would attempt to speak to king Kovu. To her he was absolutely amazing and she she would often feel proud of herself whenever he said something to her even if he just said 'hello'.

Soon enough she was then exiled with the rest of Khan's supports when Gainell came in to power. During her time away from the pridelands she met Otineo. The bubbly lioness felt drawn to him immediately and whenever she had the chance she was by his side. Even if she was foolish and didn't listen she always found herself paying soul attention to him. After sometime they did in face form a relationship in spite of her traditional family. She was willing to give everything up for the lion she adored. So when they did return to the Pridelands, she spent most of her time with him when she wasn't off traning with Elewisa. She always tries her best to make her tutor look good and finds pride in being chosen by him.

Special features- She is a decedent of a group of dwarf lions, though she isn't a dwarf herself she is rather small. The tribal markings she wears is there to represent her role as well as a call back to her roots. After all she is from a long line of spiritual advisors / shamans.

Relation to TLK- She would often visit the Pridelands with her family to meet Queen Kiara, she would often try to speak with Kovu who was her idol.


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Hello there bud
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October 09, 2020
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SeaWing Squad 🌊
:KiaraHearts: Deka is adorable, I love her paint stuff on her face

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