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Dawa (BL)

Dawa (BL)


Created by : badlanders

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Private

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Dawa (BL)

Name: Dawa

Pronounce: Day-wa

Meaning: Medicine

Friends: Raeki, Mohatu, Adelie, Falme, Kama, Corilia, Maji, and rest of Jungle Pride

Parents: unknown

Siblings: unknown

Cubs:  Kuoka(son), Nane(daughter-in-law)

Other Relations: Janna's grandmother, Rani and Baliyo's great great grandmather

Mate: Raeki,

Pride: Rogue to Night Pride

Rank: Queen

Generation: Mohatu's

Personality: Dawa is a fierce lion. She grew up on her own so she had to make desicions by herself. She does not depend on anyone except herself. The other animals that live in the same area she does respect her. Whenever any animal is hurt, Dawa uses the Tree of Life's natural medicine to help them. 

Likes: Being on her own, gaining respect, helping others, and knowing whats good for others.
Dislikes:  Being told what to do, animals who are indecisive, and trespassers

History: Dawa has been on her own since day one. For as long as she can remember she was alone. she doesnt remeber what happened to her old pride, if she even had one. She was very sick and tired from wandering, she found an old den hidden inside of a tree. She slept there, mysteriously, her illnesses were gone. She is an intelligent lioness, so she decided to study the tree to see what properties it contains. Little did she know the tree had bountyless healing properties, and so she became the first healer at the Tree of Life. She has had many adventures healing the creatures that live around the tree. A shortwhile after she had almost mastered healing, she came across a patient crocodile who had an infected snout and could only be treated at the tree. The crocodile's name was Maji. Maji noticed that she was alone and said that she knew of a lion who was looking for a new home. Assuming that this lion was like herself, abandoned, hurt, or prideless, she had no hesitation and said yes. She followed the crocodile to meet this lion who she would take in. but she had no idea this lion would be so charming. His name was Raeki and she soon felt a connection to him that she has never felt with her patients. When they got back to the tree, they decided to try and start their own pride. They did not know then how important this pride would be, it would eventually protect the Tree of Life and all its valuable medicine. They decided to call it the Night Pride and for generations this pride healed many animals and became a home for countless lions. dawa and Raeki have a son and adopted daughter. Her son would become the next King of the Night Pride. Dawa became the precedent on all the healers of the Night Pride, all the master healers wear a flower in honor of her.

How associated with Lion King? Story involes Night Pride, Janna, Rani and Baliyo

Adelie does not belong to me, she belongs to Wayward Angel

original picture disney


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