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Darling (LF)

Darling (LF)


Created by : lioness_fan(Jess)

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Darling (LF)


Name: Darling
Pronunciation: Dar-Ling
Name Meaning: --
Nicknames: Darl
Genes (Appearance): 
29% Mother
71% Father
Breed: African lion
Voice: Rachel McAdams


Generation: Kiara’s
Father: Mheetu
Mother: Unknown
Grandmother(s): Sarafina & --
Grandfather(s): --
Half: Unkown
Crush: Kito (Reba_andUnicorn333)
Crushers: --
Mate: Kito
Cub(s): None yet.
Role Model/Teacher: Nala (TLK)
Relation to The Lion King:
- Father is Mheetu
- Grandmother is Sarafina
- Aunty is Nala
- In Simba’s Pride


Pride: Simba's
Rank: Hunting lioness.
Past Prides: None.
Past ranks: None.
Alpha Male: Simba.
Alpha Female: Nala
Birth Pride: Simba’s



Scars: N/A
Fears: --
- To never split from her chosen mate
- Wit
- Agility
Other: --
Darling is a very quiet and withdrawn lioness. She often feels quite unwanted and is always questioning her worth compared to other lions. Darling is sweet natured and would do anything for her loved ones but unfortunately there are only a select few that she can consider to be close to her. She is also extremely faithful and often worries that she will end up with someone who is going to leave her like her father was left.

Not long after the marriage of Simba and Nala, Mheetu met a young lioness. She was very mysterious and little was known about her throughout the pride but instantly Mheetu fell in love with her. It was a short lived relationship, the two met and almost straight away the female fell pregnant with Darling. However midway through the pregnancy Mheetu noticed a change in how the lioness was acting. She was often coming home late and a string of males was always cooing after her, it was clear that she was unfaithful but Mheetu was certain that she was the one for him and he vowed he would forgive her if ever she admitted it to him.

When Darling was born Mheetu was overjoyed but curiosity struck once more when Darling’s mother seemed to be unaffected and even slightly disturbed by the birth of their cub. She told Mheetu she needed to go for a walk to clear her mind and that was the last that Mheetu ever saw of her. Darling became very weak very quickly as she had to feast off of natural substances instead of the milk that her body required.

Miraculously Darling survived and she grew into a quiet cub. She was shy and would often keep to herself, she didn’t have many friends other than Kiara but that was the way that she liked it. Often she would stay awake at night longing for the mother she was never allowed but each morning she would awake disgusted with herself that she would desire anything other than the love her father had provided for her.

As Darling progressed into a teen she turned to Nala for guidance. Her aunty was full of great advice and was always happy to provide her niece with some sort of motherly figure. Although Mheetu tried his hardest to be the best father he could possibly be to his daughter, he became very distant with her as she grew and the two hardly talked. Darling loved her father and was grateful for the life he gave for her but she couldn’t help but question what he had done to drive away her mother.

Darling became a huntress for the pride as soon as she came of age and now spends most of her time obtaining food. She claims it to be a passion of hers but deep down it is more a way to pass the time and get her mind off of her clouded past.

Keep in mind(when rendering):
- Small break in the marking from her muzzle to her stomach and chest.

Head base: Me
Body base: Me


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