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Created by : Ralsei

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Light red

Specific type : ---------


Detail Dana

Name: Dana
Meaning: "Wise"
Gender: Female
Age: Depends on use
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Brother(s): Unknown
Sister(s): Unknown
Crush: None
Crushes on her: None
Mate: None
Cub(s): None
Likes/dislikes: As a calm lioness, Dana is very fond of just being by herself taking some walks by the land and taking sunbathes. She also loves the rain and enjoys playing in the rain sometimes. She hates hyenas, jackals and vultures and has no patience with them, so the lions can often find her fighting those animals.
Personality/bio: Dana was born to two rogues as the older one of three cubs. Since she was little, she was always considered very smart for someone her age, using logic and quick thoughts in all situations. Dana was responsible for taking care of her two younger twin brothers, who were always getting into all sorts of adventures or even fights.
On one of these adventures, her little brothers ended up going too far, until they came to a dry land, bumping into a lion that was very rude, unhealthy and far larger than them. When the lion was about to attack them, his younger sister arrived at the same time as Dana. She discovered that her name was Vitani and that her older brother was named Nuka, and it was not a good idea for them to stay in those lands. As much as they thought they'd never see each other again, they never forgot each other for some reason.
Soon she turned into a beautiful young adult and it was time for her to choose her path in the Circle of Life. One day, as she was walking, she saw a lioness around the same age as her with a strange mark on her shoulder, fighting some jackals. With her quick strategies, Dana offered to help her and the lioness was impressed by her quick thinking and skills.
Vitani asked what Dana was doing there and she said she hadn't yet found a fixed place to live, since both her parents were gone and her brothers left. Touched by her story, Vitani invited Dana to spend time with her
until she makes up her mind.
Dana was astonished to know that Vitani was the leader of the famous Lion Guard; over time, they got closer and closer, and Dana also had the opportunity to meet the rest of the guard. The lionesses decided that the guard was missing the Smartest member and that Dana was the perfect one to fulfill this role. She was extremely happy to be chosen for such an important role, and soon her training began.

Relation to TLK: Was chosen as the Smartest to Vitani's Lion Guard

Adopted from Sierra! Thank you very much, dear!

Base (c) Rethza


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