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Created by : Swashh.

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Damien

Name- Damien

Gender- Male

Parents- Unknown

Siblings-  An older sister (Deceased)

Love interest- None

Sexuality- Heterosexual

Mate- None

Cubs- Abwoa (Adopted), Oli (Adopted)

Pride- Trouvaille pride

Personality- Optimistic, manipulative, brotherly, friendly when caught in the right mood, charming, responsible, resourceful and charasmatic.

Likes- Meditating, being better than Scar, sleep, humming his own songs, speaking to the deceased and having true friends.

Dislikes- Hyenas, Scar, pridelanders, Zira and her followers, showing his true emotions and being told what to do.

History- Damien was once a loyal friend of Scar's who shared the same views and beliefs. Unlike Scar he held a spiritual view on the world and believe that disrupting the circle of life in such a drastic way would cause great harm. Scar only shrugged off his views and depsised how Damien meditated to keep in balance with the spirits of the past. As this contrast between them continued the two argued and soon their friendship ended with a fight. Scar knocked Damien unconcious and left him to be eaten by the hyenas... Just by luck the red haired lion was saved by Mufasa. As much as he didn't like Scar's brother he respected him for being such an admireable lion and so Damien pushed aside their differences for good. Still he chose to leave the Pridelands to form a close bond with the spirits so he could right all of Scar's wrong doings.  When he witnessed Scar's reign of the Pridelands a premeditated fire of hatred spilled out of him. Damian took it upon himself to frequently speak to Mufasa's spirit during this dark time. Knowing that Scar escaped from hyenas he hunted down his former friend along with other lions who Scar wronged throughout his life. By the time they caught up with him Damien only found the shell of what Scar use to be and took pity on him. He only left Scar to die alone from the injuries he sustained and lived alone with only a couple others who promised to help him right all of Scar's poor choices and restore the circle of life. Still to this day he views himself as what Scar should have been and despises how Zira holds a corrupted view that matches that of an old foolish lion. 

Spacial feature(s): Tuffs of fur on his ears, odd coloured eyes along with a few rotten or broken teeth.

Relation to the lion king- Former friends with Scar, formally lived at priderock and communicates with Mufasa's spirit.


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