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Detail Choma

Name: Choma  
Age:  Young adult Gender:  Female
Homeland: Pridelands  
Species:Giant Pangolin  
Body: Choma is a normal pale brown color with dark scales across her body , her thick claws are stained with red from paints she has used
Mother:  Father: 
Littermates: Other siblings:
Mate: Children:
Friends: Kijivu  
To TLK: Currentley lives in the pridelands
she keeps to her self mostley, she will be around others but is more often seen and not heard, she is allways thinking. She enjoys helping others and avoids conflict, She is also very curious, when she was younger this made her chatty but now keeps that mostley to her friends

Choma was born in a small family group, it was a standard childhood, learning to survive, dodging anything trying to eat her, learning how to survive the dry season .

Chomas frist home caught on fire when she was young, so her parents had to find a new place to call home the group traveled till they got to the pridelands, this large area had many places they could dig a burrow so they took some time and found the perfect spot by a water hole.

Choma would often adventure around the waterhole and soon befriended a few animals including a young Hornbill called Kijivu , Who explaned she was the majordomo in training for the royal family, Choma was curious about the other pridelanders  who didnt live near her water hole and any time the bird visted would ask many questions. 

It wasnt long before Choma would go exploring away from the waterhole , she would often find a spot where she was well hidden but she could watch other animals go about there lives, one of these trips she happened to have been spotted by rafiki, he would then offer to train the curious pangolin how to be a Majuzi, as her curious nature would work well when helping advise the royal family. Choma agreed and began her training, Rafiki taught the pangolin how to paint the pridelands history ,this took Choma some time to learn but she would come to be good at it, the paint would also stain her claws a redish brown

Choma would go on to learn the other roles of a Royal Majuzi, including healing she wasnt a fan of this but still took it on, She would also make sure she knew her way to priderock no matter where she was, while she could see the rock at all times she knew where there rivers where easyest to cross ect

Chomas in her down time would be following Kijivu around the pridelands meeting but not talking to the other animals most accepted she prefered to listen then to talk to them.

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TLK,TLG  : Disney

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February 13, 2020
Site Builder (Content), Site Builder (Co... Australia Is currently on the site
thank you, i want to improve her design a little more to make her easyer to render as its alot of scales

February 12, 2020
Usa Is not currently on the site
Very nice bio and character!

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