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Chinua (S15)

Chinua (S15)


Created by : sky15

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Chinua (S15)

Name: Chinua.

Name Meaning/Origin: It means, "God's Own Blessing" in Africa.

Gender: Male.


Sibling(s): Kimoni.

Crush(es): Audre.

Mate(s): Audre.

Cub(s): Deceased (first born), Cherish.

Niece(s): Sarafina, IsabisLeal, Nala (great niece).

Nephew(s): Davu and Mheetu (great nephew).

Pride(s): Western High Lands (ruled by him and his brother Kimoni).

Pride Rank(s): Pride leader.

Bio/Personality: Chinua is Kimoni's oldest brother and Sarafina's uncle. He rules an entire land and pride with Kimoni, becoming very successful in both leadership and partnership. The brothers have always had a good relationship, always looking out for each other and knowing how to get along. They rarely argued and if so, it would be tiny disagreements. In the beginning, it was Chinua who was only chosen to rule the pride next after their father. But Chinua could not see himself ruling alone. It gave him a lot of pressure. He needed help and knows that Kimoni is great when it comes to responsibility and respect. So, he asked him to rule beside him and of course Kimoni gladly accept. They made history in their pride as two males ruling both at the same time, rather the norm of just a King and Queen as it has been in their pride for many, many generations.

Chinua is mates with a lioness who he has met outside of the Western High Lands. In fact, she was an old member of Pride Rock. Her name is "Audre". The two first met when Chinua and Kimoni had first introduced themselves to King Ahadi and Queen Uru of Pride Rock (at that particular time frame, Mufasa was not born). Audre happened to be nearby and the two instantly made eye contact, making it love at first sight. Chinua thought that she was the most beautiful lioness he has ever seen through out his years. She was a bit young, but it was perfect in his situation because she is healthy and age appropriate to become a mother someday. All he wanted was a mate and to create his own family since Kimoni has already started his own with Semira. Chinua felt behind.

After hanging around and seeing each other more, Audre has decided to leave Pride Rock and to join the Western High Lands to be with Chinua. Of course Ahadi and Uru understood because Uru has done the same thing when she became mates with Ahadi, leaving her birth pride to become Queen. Chinua and Audre are more than welcome to visit Pride Rock whenever. Later on across time, Chinua and Audre have struggled to start out their own little family. China was becoming desprate and almost gave up on their relationship, until finally Audure became pregnant. No one understood what the problem was, since she is young and appears to be very healthy and well. Anyway, the couple was just glad to finally have their own and fell in love with the cub once born.

Their little happiness did not last long though because after just a few days old, the cub sadly passed away. It crushed Chinua's heart, knowing how bad he wanted to be a father. It took him a long time to get over it and it made him become very distant from Audre. He knows it not her fault and he never blamed her for it either, he just felt like he wasted so much time and just rather be without a mate. But after having a private talk about it all with Kimoni, Chinua gave Audre another chance. He told her that it is okay if they don't have a cub of their own, he just wants to be with her. The situation was very complicated, but Audre was willing to stay even though she was very close to returning back to Pride Rock.

Chinua over the yeas have became very close to one of his nieces, Kimoni's daughter named "Isabis". He treated her as if she is his own and the two get along very well. He asked Kimoni if she can later in her adult years become a lead Scout of the pride. He notice how strong and fast she is at such a young age. Kimoni accepts and Chinua quickly began the training. It warms Audre's  heart to see the bond of two together, knowing that if Chinua did have a chance at being a father again, he would be a great one.


Audre, Semira, Kimoni, Isabis, Davu, Leal, Western High Lands: Me(C).

Cherish: Sierra(C)

Base(s): True Light Portal(C), DA.

TLK Relation(s): Sarafina's uncle, friends with Ahadi and Uru, his mate is a former Pride Lander.






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