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Created by : Simon Ferocious

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Yellow

Specific type : ---------


Detail Chimola

Name: Chimola

Meaning: 'Breaker of things'

Theme: Public image - Public Image Limited (PIL)

Age: Depends on use

Parents: - and -

Siblings: -

Personality: Chimola is a rather blunt and honest lion who doesn't hold no patience for those who toy with him. With this if lied to or used he doesn't lay back down to take the hits, he only ends his link with such a person as soon as he can. This also leads to him being seen as rude and ignorant even though he has his reasons to appear in such a poor way. Never the less Chimola is more of an observer than a vocalist. this allows him to roughly pin point when something is either going to go south or in a positive manner. But besides this he can be a nice when it comes to those he respects and though he may not seem it he can stumble over himself when speaking to girls and large amounts of people... Yet he still has a blunt tone and a mass amount of confidence when needed.

Love interest: Artemisa (c) Sierra.

Mate: Artemisa (c) Sierra.

Cubs: None

History: Chimola was born away from the pridelands and gradually moved closer when his parents faced abuse from their own pride at the time while Chimola was just goriwng up. Such a thing is believed to be due to how Chimola's parents reacted to their son being treated poorly for his attitude toward those who bullied him (Which involved large amounts of violence). In return his little family travelled to the pridelands where they were greeted by Sarabi who was his father's cousin. At this point they were welcomed in to the pride and have lived in the prideland's ever since. Yet Chimola has formed a brotherly bond with three other cubs in the area due to how often he travels with his dad. With this he's mostly seen with the others who he has become close to. (As of now this includes Sidney, Lucky and Artemisa ) After meeting the other lions he fell in love with Artemisa after helping her when she was involved in a stampede which left her injured. With this the duo formed a strong bond and over time they became mates.

Extra: The scars on his ears and shoulder are from fights with those in his former pride. Chimola's left eye (Blue eye) is slightly lazy and has a smaller pupil. Since Ayo's death (Since I deleted him by mistake) Chimola has formed a brotherly bond with Patchy.

Genration: Kiara's

Base: (c)Myself

Relation to The Lion King: Chimola is Sarabi's nephew (First cousin once removed) as his father is her cousin

- (To be added)


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