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Main type : Fan character

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Gender : Male

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Detail Chaze

Name: Chaze

Gender: Male

Species: African Lion

Age: Young/Deceased

Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown

Crush/Mate: Kiara

Personality: Chaze is a gentle and kind lion, he is friendly and welcoming. This never changed when he died, he always helped those who had recently passed on and joined the land of the spirits. He is charming and very smart. He sometimes was too nice to others, not putting himself and his emotions first in his attempts to help. He is accepting and forgiving and never believes in hating someone, no matter what they have done. The one thing he regrets from life wasn't having a family of his own, but he doesn't dwell on negative thoughts for long...

History: He was born into the Pridelands and lived their happily for a brief time, but he left with his family a few weeks before the birth if princess Kiara. Chaze and his family moved to a neighboring land, just on the outskirts of the Pridelands.  He was the perfect cub, always helpful and kind, ready to do anything to help out his family, but of course he sometimes got into trouble... Most of the times because he wanted to help out other animals.

His family moved various places across the land they lived in, never truly settling till Chaze began to grow in his made. They settled back on the outskirts for good, able to protect their home from any passing rouges. Though Chaze was a gentle lion, he understood he needed to fight to protect what was dear to him. Life was going great for Chaze, his family were always full fed and safe so he was always happy.

But when Chaze finally became a young adult, his life took a turn for the worse. He caught a strange disease and grew very sick. He would lose all energy and it would hurt to move his limbs, he coughed all the time and his voice began to die. He was in terrible pain each day as his health deteriorated. Chaze had to stay in the cave each day as his family brought him food and water, caring for him and praying he would get better. They had no idea what to do.

After a long time of not getting any better, his mother left on a journey to fetch Rafiki from Pride Rock to try and cure him. Sadly Rafiki didn't make it in time. Chaze died just hours before he arrived to help him. 


Chaze remembered waking to a blinding light and a lighter feeling. When he opened his eyes he was shocked to find himself in a golden meadow, with other lions and lionesses whom he had never seen before. Confused he wandered around, trying to find out where he was. Eventually a large golden lion approached him and talked to him, Chaze discovered he had passed onto the spirit realm. At first Chaze was upset, worried of leaving his family behind in sorrow and sad for not doing more in life. But the golden lion assured him that everything would be alright now that he was here, he would feel happy again someday. Chaze soon grew to be content again, ad-gusting to his afterlife. Later finding out that the golden lion was the old King Mufasa who had died before he was even born. 

Chaze began to like his time in the spirit realm, the other lions were friendly and he liked talking to them and seeing them with their loved ones, everyone was so happy. Though it did make him miss his own, he didn't dwell on it, knowing he would see them again one day. Life in the spirit realm was good, but Chaze was still sad he never had a family of his own, as the cubs that lived their always reminded him just by seeing them.

Friendly with the other lions, but still lonely sometimes, it took some months before something interesting happened.

A lioness had appeared in the Spirit Realm, but unlike others who were relaxed and calm about their circumstance. This lioness was bad tempered and angry, she would growl at anyone who got to close, and usually sat on her own away from any others. The only one who could get information from her was Mufasa. He told the other lions that the lioness was his grand-daughter, princess Kiara and that she had died due to breaking down after she discovered her mate was having a affair with another. She had literally died of a broken heart.

Chaze could see the sadness in Mufasa's eyes when he looked upon her, and Chaze saw the always raw pain in hers. He vowed to help her, whatever the cost.

He tried to talk to her sometimes, but she always turned him away, not wanting his company. But Chaze was ever persistent about helping her, and never stopped trying. He would sit by her for hours as she stared at nothing, and always greeted her everytime he walked by. She never really reacted. That was untill one night that he passed her as she lay sleeping, laying on her side. Thinking she was fast asleep, he swept his tail comfortingly over her shoulder. But was surprised when she jumped up and demanded to know why he kept doing this. Their were tears in her eyes and she looked so alone that Chaze simply told her."Your so alone, so sad. I don't like anyone being sad, so I help as best I can." He was surprised when Kiara broke down, leaning into him and crying. Chaze comforted her long into the night.

For days and weeks, Chaze slowly began to make her open up to him, she talked to him off how hurt she had been about Kovu and how angry she was with herself for giving up when she still had her cubs. Chaze saw how much pain she was in when she mentioned her cubs the most, he knew the feeling of living loved ones behind. Slowly he began to make her smile, and talk about happier things. She was still a broken and hurt lioness, but now he was her friend.

Chaze soon began to like her in a stronger way, but was careful of how he showed his affection, not wanting to remind Kiara of her past mate.  Eventually he and Kiara began to be more closer than ever, and he asked her if it was alright if he could be her mate. At first Kiara was hesitant but she slowly relaxed about the idea, and they have been closer than ever before, living in the spirit realm.

Chaze often wonders if Kiara has forgiven Kovu and his secret mate, but he waits to ask, making sure the time will be right.

Relation to TLK: Used to be a pridelander, forms a parental bond with Mufasa, mate/friend to Kiara.

Render (c) Me

Chaze is part of my AU where Kovu cheats on Kiara with a lioness called Leena, resulting in Kiara's death.


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