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Created by : Simon Ferocious

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : White

Specific type : ---------


Detail Charles

Name: Charles / Charlie 

Meaning: 'The one who is a free man'

Theme: My perfect cousin - The undertones

Age: Depends on use

Parents: An unknown father and Sidney's mother

Siblings: His half brother (Sidney)

Personality: Charlie may look to be a sweet character but he holds a rather aggressive nature. This comes clear when he's compared to his father who was a follower of Zira's. Yet this doesn't mean that he's a goody two shoes. After all he gladly causes issues for people with purposely screwing things up, for example he'd gladly made rude gestures and mildly undertoned phrases to see how individuals would react. Even so he can be a nice person when it comes to him growing bored of being snide and crude. But compared to his half brother he's more in your face with anarchistic and provokative behaviour. Unliked most he'd gladly laugh at himself to seem like a good sport when made to seem stupid and to take the edge of things he does what he can to get a buzz.

Love interest: None

Mate: None

Cubs: None

History: Charlie was born just a few weeks after his brother when his mum found her second mate. Due to his dad passing away he never got to meet him but he gained each of his features. In reaturn he became the only white lion in his family and his mother saw it as a sign that her former mate was still somewhere. Never the less Charles grew close to his brother and when they arrived at pride rock Charlie wasn't amused. The sight of the 'royals' was something which both him and his brother dispised. While Sidney caused problems for Simba Charles hung around other cubs. He enjoyed their company and soon refused to head back to his mother due to how she made his father seem worse than he was and then comparing him to himself. So he was accepted in to the pride where he met Chimola and through him Charles met Sarabi who he classed as his new mother figure. The bond between the two became stronger as the cub grew up and Charlie promised to look out for her. Unlike his half brother Simba accepted his presence and so Charlie has a safe home at pride rock.

Genration: Kiara's

Extra: Charlie enjoys going for walks with Sarabi since it's something he's never had and his 'couldn't care less' attitude is something to sheild himself from showing weakness. 

Base: (c)Myself

Background: (c) Disney

Relation to The Lion King: Charles treats Sarabi as if she's his mother and Simba holds distaste toward their bond. His father is also a former follower of Zira.


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