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Caesarea (S15)

Caesarea (S15)


Created by : sky15

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Caesarea (S15)

Name: Caesarea.

Name Meaning/Origin: Latin; It means "A Woman Leader".

Gender: Female.

Age: Cub.

Parent(s): Maahi (mother) and Na'eem (father).

Sibling(s): None.

Crush(es): Elewisa.

Mate(s): Elewisa (in the future).

Cub(s): Too Young.

Pride(s): Avela Pride (born and raised).

Status: Future Queen of the Avela Pride.

Personality: High minded, determined, very stubborn, polite, shows kindess, very caring of others and her pride, trusting, sociable, and adventurous.

Bio: Caesarea is the young Princess of the Avela Pride. She is next in line someday to become Queen after her parents ruling reign. She tries hard each day with her mother to become the best Queen as she can be and to lead the pride into great hopes and a blessed future. So far, Caesarea is doing well and always show up on time to her lessons. But sometimes she wish to be normal and have some "real" fun with the other cubs. She often watch them play and chase each other around with laughter. Unforturnetly, Caesarea does not have much not time for play. But one day she finally had enough and decided to skip her Queen lessons.

She'd chosen to explore outside of her pride's territory lines and found herself inside the gracious Pride Lands. There she meets a lion cub named "Elewisa". The two instantly became friends and enjoyed playing games together. Each day they would plan an escape from their prides just to secretly meet up. But eventually, their secret did not last long. Caesarea's mom "Maahi" had finally caught her daughter in the Pride Lands (which was not a bad thing because, Caesarea's parents are good neighboors to King Kovu and Queen Kiara at this particular time frame). Maahi met up with Elewisa's mother "Aabha" and shared a lovely conversation, accetping their cubs new friendship.

After some time, Caesarea's father "N'eem" eyed Elewisa carefully and decided that he wants him to wed his daughter in the future in becoming the next King. He noticed how close the two have become fond of each other. Elewisa would be a great mate and can protect Caesarea by ruling beside her. And so, things became set and offical after gaining Elewis's mother acceptance although it had taken her some time. She felt unsure at first of Elewisa leaving Pride Rock. But she knows that the two (Caesarea and Elewisa) will have a great, bright future ahead of them.

In adulthood, Caesarea becomes Queen with Elewisa ruling beside her. A lioness named "Kimwi" begs to join their pride. Elewisa welcomes her with welcoming arms. Caesarea felt unsure in the beginning sensing that something is off about the lioness. She studied her each day and notice how Elewisa and her are both starting to grow a "close" friendship. Caesarea admittedly confronted her mate about it and Elewisa mad eit perfectly clear that there is nothing to be concered about. Caesarea took his word, but still continued watching the lioness.


Base(s): YunoGBases(C).

Elewisa, N'eem, Maahi, and Aabha: Me(C).

Kimwi: Simon-Ferocious (C).

TLK Relation(s): Visited the Pride Lands a lot, marries a member of the next new Lion Guard, her parents are good royal friends to Kovu and Kiara.





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