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Created by : NightRose

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Dark red

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Bron(NR)

Name: Bron

Nickname: None 

Name pronunciation: Br on


Age: Depends on use 

Generation: A few months before Sarafina's 

Parents: Unknown (Father was shot for fun) and Unknown Mother

Grandparents: Unknown 

Grandchildren: Reynn(adopted) 

Siblings: Sarafina (sister), Ash(brother) and Leif (brother) 

Mate: Yuki 

Crush: Yuki 

Cubs: Rose 

Friends: Mufasa, Sarabi, Sarafina, Zira, Sarabi's Sister, Mtoto and Simba's uncle. 

Foes: Scar, Joe and Hyenas. 

Pride: pridelander 

Rank: Male, guard and protecter


Personality: protective, responsible, calm and kind

Likes: Helping others, his wife and daughter, looking after cubs, and protecting his pride

Dislikes: Fighting 

Images made by Tea

Relation: Sarafina's older brother, Nala's uncle. knows the royal family. His father saved Zira from a hunter. Royal guard. Friends with Mtoto. 



History: Bron is the eldest of his siblings. He has two brothers and a sister. Unlike most siblings, Bron gets along quite well with his. They played together everyday, along with friends Zira, Sarabi, Sarabi's sister, Yuki, Mufasa and Scar.


Bron was playing with Zira one day, when he heard a noise behind them. Both cubs suddenly looked up. There was a loud bang and Zira screamed in pain as her ear had been shot. Bron's father heard the noise from where the cubs were and leaped to help them. He died trying to protect them.


Zira was mad at Bron. She claimed that it was his fault that she was hurt. If he had chosen a better place to play it wouldn't have happened. Yuki stood up for him, telling Zira that it wasn't his fault. 


From that moment on Bron wanted to protect his family, just like his father did. Bron was especially protective of his sister Sarafina, she was also his best friend. 


As Adults Bron and Yuki had became mates. Ash and Leif left together for their own place and often came back to the Pridelands to visit. Sarabi's sister went with them and that's where she met her mate. 


Sarabi was Queen and Mufasa King. Zira thought it wasn't fair that Scar couldn't be king, Scar was hateful towards Mufasa and that hate grew stronger when Mufasa had a son.


During that time, Bron and Yuki had a Daughter, Rose. Bron's sister Sarafina also had a daughter Nala, his niece. Bron loved his family and looking after his cub and niece. One day, they were told that Mufasa and Simba were dead, that Scar and the Hyenas would take over. Yuki wanted to leave for a while, so that they could move on. 


Whilst travelling, Bron, Yuki and Rose found a small pride that Bron's brothers and Sarabi's sister joined. They were sad to hear the news about Mufasa and Simba. They welcomed Bron, Yuki and Rose to stay for as long as they need. 


It was nice at this pride and Rose had made lots of friends. Mtoto and Trinity being her new best friends. Bron and his family were at peace. After a few years, Bron decided that it was time to go back to the Pridelands. He missed his sister Sarafina and his niece Nala. Trinity and Mtoto wanted to go with Rose. 


When they returned, Scar wouldn't let any males in the pride. Only way to be let in was to challenge him. Bron didn't want to fight his friend, instead he stayed with his brothers. Yuki and Rose on the other hand, wanted to help their old home. 


On Bron and Mtoto's way back they were ambushed by some of the Hyenas, Cora being one of them. They managed to fight them off and got home safely. 


One day, Rose visited him. She had a young cub with her. Rose told her father that things were better now at the Pridelands and that Simba wasn't dead. She told Bron the truth about what happened. That Zira was banished. Bron was angry with himself. He should have stood up to scar. 


Rose noticed the change in her father's face, so she introduced her adopted cub Reynn to lighten things up again. Bron was excited to be a Grandfather even if he and Reynn weren't really related. 




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