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Created by : Hige Is Epic

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Binah

Basic Information

Name: Binah
Meaning: Dancer
Lived during: Rein of Kovu and Kiara
Age: Depends
Status: Pride-sister of the Pridelanders
Physical Description
Eyes: Clear soft blue
Eyerims: Darker brown rim and cream lower rim
Inside ear: Dark brown
Main pelt: Earthy brown
Underbelly, paws and nose stripe: cream
Tail tuft: Earthy red
Nose: Dark dusty pink

Body structure: Small lithe body, rounded head, slight scruffy chin and average paws and tail length. Short claws and tiny fangs.
Rendered from: Kiara

Quirks Description

Physical quirks: Smile's alot
Vocal quirks: Soft spoken voice, very gentle and friendly sounding. Pleasant on the ears, memorable.
Habits: Tends to quieten her the sound of her paws, keeps her relax her muscles when she runs/walks.

A supportive and caring lioness, Binah back's up her friends when she feels they are right and helps them however she can. She is a character who can help others feel good about themselves and is fun to be around. She has a someone shy and reserved nature and would never raise her claws against anyone for no reason. She can be very emotional though, feeling like she is unimportant and only there to make others feel better. She has self confidence issues but tries not to let her friends see, she does not want to trouble them. But she always tries her best to be cheerful and make everyone-herself included- happy. Binah is a active pride member and often joins the hunting patrols or plays with the cubs.

Likes: Her friends, her pride, Kanu, when someone acknowledges her.

Dislikes: How Kanu acts half the time, being lonely and sad, not being able to support her pride.

Strengths: Kindness, compassion, good at sneaking up on prey.

Weaknesses: Easy to be manipulated, lack of self confidence, strains herself out to much.


  • Stealth
  • Cub watching
  • Listening
  • Cheering others up
  • Being supportive

Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Mate: None
Crush: Kanu (c) Killer Bee
Cubs: None
Friends: Jabari (c) Killer Bee

Binah was born and raised her whole life on Priderock, she was one of the cubs who always wanted to help and enjoyed it when others thanked her. She was alot more outspoken in her early cub hood, as the only way other cubs would notice her help was if she was loud and confident. As she grew older she learned that being upfront might make her look self centered and bossy so she drastically changed her approach. Her confidence dwindled and she grew up much more gentler and quiet.

As a cub, she was childhood friends with one of the princes, Jabari , and got along quiet well with his siblings. She liked them all enough, but when the king told the pride of Aisha becoming the future queen, she noticed a rift between the siblings, Kanu was turning away from them and changing into a angry and jealous cub. This died down after the cubs were set in a competition to see who would be the best leader. But Binah still noticed the cocky and arrogance in Kanu. She was torn between liking his sure attitude and disliking his in you're face about him being the best. Binah was unsure who would make the better leader out of the three, but if Kanu cleared up his act she might've thought him...

The problem was that Binah wanted to help heal the rift between Kanu and his siblings, she wanted to help him be a better lion and knew what she was getting herself into was a bad idea. Kanu was bad news, but she didn't stop herself from staying away from him. She noticed how even though he treated others nicely, they knew he was pretending and talked about him behind his backs. Binah knew it was true, he lied to everyone to gain favor, but they should not act like this, he did deserve some respect after all, he was sort of trying..

Binah grew more and more attached to Kanu, but realized too late. She felt embarrassed about her new found crush on him, she knew many other lionesses liked him for his status and good looks and were more noticeable to Kanu than herself.

Binah still supported Jabari in his mission to become King, after all they were friends, he was also a kind lion but she knew his sister might be a good Queen if she was chosen.

She spent alot of the time with the pride's young cubs, caring for them as she knew they would be the ones who lived and served the pride in the future rulers rein. Binah enjoyed her time spent with the younger cubs, she enjoyed teaching and playing with them, pleased when the cubs would run over and babble on about their day to her, who won a play fight , who caught a bug, who climbed the highest. She praised them all and kept them out of trouble-best she could-

Binah was happy with her place in the pride, hunting and caring for the cubs, cheering up her friends, giving advise and encouragement to Jabari. She also subtly spent time with Kanu, being kind to him and praising when he did something that was good and not on purpose.

Render (c) Killer Bee

Relation to TLK: Has a crush on Kanu  and friends with Jabari -sons of Kovu and Kiara-


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