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Created by : MoonMonster

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Orange

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Binadamu


Name Meaning: Son of Adam

Parents: Adam and unknown mother

Siblings: Juma, a brother, and Kamili, a sister

Cubs: Baraka, a son

Crush: Dotty

Mate: Former Dotty

Likes: Hunting, Baraka, Dotty

Dislikes: Zira, Scar, betrayal

Personaliy: Safty-freak, but can be very fun.

History: Adam, Binadamu's dad, was killed shortly after he was born. His mother raised him until she
died when he was in his late teens. Binadamu left his parent's pride and became a rouge.
He met Dotty and fell in love. Binadamu and Dotty became best friends, but had a cub together
that ruined their friendship. Dotty never saw Binadamu ever again and she took the cub she named

After Dotty left, Binadamu had a lot of time on his hands. He roamed the border of the Pride
Lands and every once in a while he would catch field mice in the outlands. Binadamu was depressed for
most of his days. He met Zira and she tried to get him to join the outlands. This was because
he was very strong.He hated her because he knew she had tried toattack Dotty once. He left her,
turning down the offer, but she promised revenge.

She got her revenge when she decided to get him captured by humans. She saw some humans that
were looking for a lion to put in a zoo. At first, they wanted Zira. They chased her until she passed
by Binadamu. They thought he was a beautiful lion and captured him instead. He tried to fight back,
but he was helpless.

The next day he was in a zoo far from Africa. Some zookeepers were talking to a buisness man. They
walked over to Binadamu and the buisness man took him into a car. In a few hours he was in a circus.
The car pulled into a parking lot and unloaded the crate that Binadamu was in. They put him in a room
full of lions. He met another male named Leo. Leo greated Binadamu and told him about the circus.
Afterward, Leo asked Binadamu if he knew Zira. When Binadamu replied yes, Leo knew why he was here.
Leo told him that Zira was nothing but trouble. Binadamu agreed.

A strange lion came up to them.He began making fun of Binadamu because he was born in the wild.
Leo got mad because he was bornin the wild too. Binadamu growled. This made the lion made and
he attacked him. When the workerscame in, the lion limped around like Binadamu injured him.
The workers didn't give him any food.Bindamu and the lion, named Tyler, argued for hours.
Tyler called Binadamu a dumb wild  animal, and Binadamu growled at him.

Leo decided to change the subject and asked Binadamu about his family. He replied that his mate
left him and took their son. Tyler began to make fun of him again, saying that his mate hated him. Binadamu told him to shut up,and Tyler tried to attack him again. Leo blocked him.

Just then, the workers came in. they forced him to go to sleep. The next day, the people made them
go out on stage. There was a baby elephant there, and Binadamu was very hungry, and couldn't resist.
he chased the elephant around the circus, and eventually getting it. The ringmaster forced Binadamu
to go back to th wild.

When he got back, he heard Zira died so he went to the place where she drowned. He met a
lost cub in a bush about 4 miles from it and he reconized it as his cub, Baraka. He took him in
and taught him not to go near humans, strange lions, or elephants.



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