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Bianca (WF)

Bianca (WF)


Created by : -WildFire-

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Bianca (WF)

Name: Bianca ("shining")

Species: African lion

Gender: Female

Parents: Baliyo and Tessa

Siblings: Hasani and Achak

Mate: None

Cubs: None


Personality: A lot like her mother: brave, smart, sarcastic, friendly, adventurous, mischevious.

Likes: Her family, adventures, play fighting, Kion, Rani, the Night Pride, swimming, her cousins.

Dislikes: Komodo dragons, anyone threatening her family, water, spiders.


Story: Bianca and her two brothers were born at the Tree of life, a few months after king Kion and queen Rani had their cubs. While her brother was more on the sweet and friendly side, Bianca on the other hand was more on the mischevious and rebelious side, and a lot like her mother. They both loved exploring and adventures, but things often lead to Hasani having to get Bianca out of trouble. Meanwhile, their youngest brother Achak was the more shy and timid one of the three, who preferred to stay close to their home. Bianca had a tight bond with her mother, and the two loved play-fighting together which most of the residents of the Tree of life found weird, as this seemed to usually be more of a male's thing. The two siblings also were good friends with their older cousins, Darius and Zendaya, and her brother seemed to be really quite fond of Darius especially and followed him around a lot, evn though Bianca warned him that Darius might not want him to tag along all the time. Things took a dramatic turn when Darius was attacked by a komodo dragon called Ora, lost his left eye and turned really cold, distand and aggressive. Bianca decided it was best to stay within a safe distance from her cousin, but Hasani on the other hand tried to get through to him, and break the wall he had built around him. She warned him though, that Darius might never turn back into his old self again, but Hasani was sure that the old Darius was still in there somewhere.

Relation to TLK: Baliyo's daughter, Rani's niece.

Bases (c) Truelightportal (ONLY UNTIL I FINISH HER REF SHEET.)


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October 20, 2019
Shoutbox Moderator, Articles mod, Global... Finland Female Is not currently on the site
Big bad mods.
Aw, you're too kind!! :) Awesome, I can't wait to see your image of them!

October 20, 2019
Is not currently on the site
I was just thinking that!! They are both adorable :NalaHeart: you're very welcome, you are very creative with your characters and I love all of them very much!

October 20, 2019
Shoutbox Moderator, Articles mod, Global... Finland Female Is not currently on the site
Big bad mods.
Of course, go right ahead! c: And you're welcome to include her brother too if you want ^^ Thank you so much!

October 20, 2019
Is not currently on the site
Omg Fallen she is so beautiful! I love her colours!!
Is it okay if I make a render of her? It would be my pleasure to render this girl for you c:

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