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Baya {Az}

Baya {Az}


Created by : Azerae

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Baya {Az}

Name: Baya

Name Meaning: "Ugly-looking" or "Evil" in African {?}

Age: Varies Upon Use

Status: Alive

Residence: Pridelands {formerly; returns after war between the Outlanders and Pridelanders is over}, Outlands {formerly}

Appearance: Baya is a rather tall, slim-built lioness. She has a She has claws that are extendable and retractable but she usually keeps them out rather than in. She has a small, slicked-back hair tuft and a scruffy neck. Her cheekfur points outwards instead of down and she has fur that accentuates her cheekbones. Baya has long, feminine eyelashes and piercing green eyes, one of which with lighter-green heterochromia. Baya has dark spots on her muzzle and she has an eyebrow scar. Her chin structure is a mix of Scar and Zira's.

Parents: Scar and Zira {biologically}

Siblings: Nuka {biologically; littermate}, Vitani {adoptive}, Kovu {adoptive}, unnamed half-sister, multiple siblings through Scar

Other Family: Mufasa {uncle}, Simba {cousin}, Midra {cousin}, Njiwa {cousin}, Shaka {aunt}, Adede {aunt}, Mwinyi {cousin}, Imara {cousin}, Udanganyifu {grandfather; "Strange Lion" in TLG}, Uru {grandmother}, Ahadi {grandfather}

Relationships: Currently mated to Akili; had past fling with Alima {belongs to attackazebra}

Personality: Baya is a reserved, quiet lioness who much prefers her own space and time to herself. If at all possible, she'll happily withdraw from obligations to avoid large crowds of lions and stay in her den. Baya has a tendency to make decisions based on logic and what makes sense and it's harder for her to connect emotionally {that's not to say that she can't, though}. She tends to try to look at the bigger picture and often overlooks smaller details. Baya struggles to understand emotional connections and expressions but she does her best. Being Zira's child, she has a tendency to also grow arrogant in situations that challenge her and her abilities and also has a habit of judging others. Baya has a desire to take in knowledge and learn more about her family but sometimes her own feelings towards them makes that hard to accomplish. Baya also hates small talk and prefers to just get to the point. Baya needs time alone to think and is easily drained by emotional situations and interacting within large groups of lions. Baya dislikes being asked personal questions and prefers not to answer but will if necessary. {Personality Type INTJ}

History: Baya was born alongside Nuka during Scar's reign. Unlike the rest of the lionesses, Zira was more than willing to provide cubs to the lion that she admired more than life itself. However, her first litter of cub proved meaningless to Scar, as he was quick to dismiss his two cubs by Zira. Nuka looked sickly, weak and frail. He'd be lucky to survive his first few nights, in Scar's opinion. Baya, however; she was female. While he wasn't keen on having a female heir and while she wasn't a weak cub, he just didn't want her either. He was the king, he didn't have to have a reason for rejecting a cub. 

Despite being rejected by Scar, Zira opted to train Baya. If she couldn't be his heiress, she could at least be something to Scar. An advisor, perhaps? A soldier? A personal guard? It wouldn't be royalty like Zira had hoped, but Baya would still be something. Baya was reluctant but went along with her mother's training. She didn't have much of a choice. Nuka was sometimes included in Baya's training as a way for Zira to try to build up Nuka's strength, but being malnourished and unhealthy from the start didn't help Nuka's cause. After Nuka showed his eagerness to want to please his parents, Zira continued training him alongside his sister.

Nuka and Baya didn't have it easy and they often got into petty squabbles with each other over their parents. Nuka was depraved of affection from both of his parents and just wanted to prove his worth and often became jealous that Baya was the more desirable one of the two. Baya would often snap at Nuka in regards to this, knowing entirely that it wasn't her fault that Nuka was unhealthy and weak. She didn't even want the attention she was receiving. Despite their relationship being strained at times, Baya would attempt to give her brother more food than he usually got in the hopes that it would help him. She did care about him even if she struggled to show it. 

Right after young cub Kovu was chosen by Scar to be his heir, much to Zira's frustration. That should have been her cub being chosen as the prince, not her sister's wretched spawn. Unfortunately for Scar, Simba returned from the dead and overthrew him, reclaiming the Pridelands once and for all. Zira and other loyal lionesses scattered from the Pridelands, unwilling to stay under Simba's rule. Their King was dead, and that's all there was to that matter. Zira left with pre-teened Nuka and Baya, alongside two toddling cubs; Vitani and Kovu.

In the Outlands, life was harder than it had been before. Kovu and Vitani were growing up and got fed more than Nuka, which made Baya remember how little Nuka got fed even during Scar's reign. She and Nuka were growing older and while she knew how to take care of herself, Nuka did not. Nuka's scraggly, unkempt appearance hadn't changed. He was still underfed and malnourished as ever, but he couldn't hunt for himself. Baya was assigned by her mother to watch over the cubs, because she knew Nuka was incapable and didn't care enough. While Baya was indifferent about this assignment as well, she did as asked. Baya often watched as Zira put Kovu through training she had been through. It seemed much harsher on Kovu, but she knew why; Kovu was being molded to be Scar's puppet. Zira's puppet. He was a pawn being used to become a cruel, unnerving lion, one that could overthrow Simba. But, Baya stood aside.

As she and Nuka grew into young adults, Baya had grown rather healthily while Nuka just barely grew a mane. The termites from the Outlands had ruined his fur and what mane he could've had, and Baya couldn't help but to internally pity her littermate. Had he been taken care of better as a cub... No, she couldn't think that way. Zira had engraved into Baya's head that Nuka was sick, and nothing could've been done about it. But Baya couldn't help but to wonder if it truly could've been. Unfortunately for Baya, she would never know if Nuka could have been helped, as he dies after a failed ambush on Simba. Baya was the last to know that her littermate, her own brother, had died. Baya mourned silently for the loss of the brother that she'd loved dearly but had never quite shown that love to. 

It wouldn't be long after Nuka's death that Baya loses her mother as well. In a craze, Zira finally declares war on the Pridelands. While Baya is prepared for war, she doesn't wish to fight, but knows she must. The war doesn't get very far before her 'brother' Kovu and his lover Kiara jump in and attempt to stop it before casualties occur. While they get through to most of the opposing sides, Zira is relentless, and throws herself at Simba before being cut off by Kiara. Zira refuses help as she slips down into the rushing waters of the broken dam, sealing her fate of drowning. Baya felt a dull ache in her chest; she wanted to mourn but physically couldn't. That was still her mother, and she did love her. Her mother wasn't always bad. Baya, alongside Vitani, were the last two to remain at Zira's death site, silently mourning the loss of the lioness they knew as their mother.

Baya reluctantly returned to the Pridelands after some encouragement by Kovu and Vitani. Baya felt so unwelcome. She was Scar and Zira's daughter, why would they want her there? Her adopted siblings insisted that she should return to the place she once called home. She eventually agreed to do so, and has resided there since. She is currently a huntress, but is considering asking King Kovu to be a border patrol guard. She is also having thoughts of leaving the Pridelands, but hasn't quite decided yet.


- Baya is bisexual. She has had flings with lionesses in the past, with one lioness being Tama's daughter, Alima {attackazebra}. The two had dated briefly during Alima's teenage years, while the Outlands and Pridelands were still very much at odds. While Baya did love Alima, Alima was wanting to move way more quickly than what Baya would have liked. Baya broke things off before they got too serious, as she didn't want Alima to tie herself down while she was so young.

Relation to TLK: Daughter of Scar and Zira, littermate/sibling to Nuka, adoptive sister of Kovu and Vitani, and resides in the Pridelands. 

Headshot and Fullbody were drawn by myself! Please do not use them!


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