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Bamoma Gabon

Bamoma Gabon


Created by : Windhowler

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Yellow

Specific type : ---------


Detail Bamoma Gabon

General Info

Name (Full)
(Also known as 'Bamoma the Bard' and 'B.G' - but he prefers not to be called the latter!)


Depending - similar age/same generation as Kovu and Kiara's cubs

Type (of lion)

Current Rank Status (in Pride)




Bamoma's build / size is pretty regular for a male lionl; he is sleek and strong, usually looking quite respectable; he has predominately light brown fur, a slighty darker mane, cream paws and muzzle and some lighter markings - these are large spots on his paws and dew claws, and two oblong spots under each eye. He also had light fur on his cheeks/jaws.

Shades of sandy brown and beige; eyes are a dark-blue-on-yellow.
*Note: colours design credit to Bulbasaur - Thank you for the gift! :)*

Distinct Characteristics

Thick eyebrows; stiff, short whiskers; large light-coloured tufts of fur which grow out of his jowls/cheeks, and late appear to become part of his mane.



Bamoma Gabon has an aim to be a gentleman, just like his grandfather Ebon - courteous and cool, level-headed and thoughtful. He also aims to make the best decisions in life that he can; but on the odd occasion that he does slip up, he has a rare tendency to let his quiet demeanor shatter to pieces and let forth wrath - although the change is hardly noticeable. Basically he has a knack for keeping his temper hidden.

Due to his character and choice of career (as a poet and bard), some view him as 'airy-fairy' but he is actually quite down-to-earth - at least when desperate need calls. He does try to keep his head out of the clouds and it's another of his goals toget more to grips with reality.

He is also ambitious and loyal, with a love for tradition; some see him as a pacifist, as he seems to avoid violence and have a determination to 'keep the peace.' But deep down he is a fighter; he just prefers to do things as calmly as possible, for as long as possible, until there is no choice but to really fight.



Speaking in verse; making up poetry and prose; getting inspiration for his work; talking to Rileigh

Interruptions; fighting

Musical/Instrumental Theme
The voice / singing / chanting



Friends and Relations
Ebon, Gantua (paternal grandparents), Gabon (father), Rileigh (mate), Gabinta (aunt), Wafa (surrogate 'uncle' and one of his best friends), Ave, Rin (siblings-in-law).

Lagiza's Tribe

Relationships with Other Lions

Bamoma is very outgoing with friends and family; with foes, he is usually polite but cold.



Bamoma Gabon was born just after his father Gabon was handed leadership a nomadic family of lions, after the retirement of the previous leader, Ebon (Gabon's father and thus Bamoma's grandfather). Although nomads, Bamoma's family were not as rough as rogues. They were quite respectable, never setting foot on any pride's territory without given permission, generally staying to the north where the desert began but where the land (which belonged to no-one) still provided them with food and water.

Bamoma was keen on the art of poetry and singing from a young age, ever since a travelling lion called Ole Uncle Sarato visited the nomadic lions. Sarato was an ancient bard - a singer, storyteller and poet - on his way back home after performing for King Simba and Queen Nala at Pride Rock. Bamoma was mesmerized by the skill of Sarato: his way with words and his seemingly endless collection of stories not to mention how he remembered them all. Sarato sadly passed away during his sojourn at the nomads' camp. He was known to be without a family, so Bamoma saw it his duty to carry on the legacy Sarato's legacy through becoming a bard himself.

Bamoma trained himself hard. He practiced remembering all the old tales and recollections told by his older relatives, and in turn told them to the younger members of his family; he made up his own poetry and prose; he also spent time doing things like memory games, which he decided would help him immensely - his friend Wafa, his grandparents' adopted monkey son, liked to help Bamoma with these, hiding dead bugs and fruit in multiple hiding places that Bamoma had to remember.

In time, for practice, Bamoma began extending his audience to those outside family and friends. For example, he took to using a grumpy, old cape buffalo called Kula (who would usually just stand and eat) as an experimentative audience; Kula never actually commented on Bamoma's lengthy performances, but after a few days of listening to sagas told in poetry 120+ verses long, the buffalo had had enough and he charged the young lion, chasing him away at horn-point; so Kula obviously wasn't a fan. Still, taking this as critique, Bamoma decided to keep his stories a lot shorter.

In his teens, Bamoma was invited to attend the wedding of Kovu and Kiara's eldest cub - Bamoma had been recommended by many as the best bard in the vicinity. His skill was well-received and he was asked to come again, a few years later, to perform at an occasion that celebrated the life of King Simba after the old king passed away. In between these performances, Bamoma entertained a few other prides. Although not really many, and he mostly regaled his family, these formal ocassions were bright highlights in Bamoma's life; he was finally a professional bard.

Another highlight was about a year before Simba's memorial - this was meeting Rileigh, a lioness who had left her home pride and lived as a rogue for years since. Rileigh, whose rough, hardy airs complimented Bamoma's more gentlemanly nature, became the bard's beloved mate and they both lived with his nomadic family - but only for a while.

Not long after Bamoma (with Rileigh) attended
Simba's celebratory gathering, they together permanently left the nomads to seek a new pride where Bamoma could become its official bard. He promised to visit his family on odd ocassions.

They came across the Tribe of Stones, led by Emperor Obbler and Empress Safi . . .


Find out more in the future fanfic series
Pride of Heart: The Final Battle


Relation to TLK Universe
Performed for the Royal family of the Pridelands - and also for Kula, the buffalo - a few times; he joined the pride of Obbler (an ex-Outlander) and Safi (Tanglemane's daughter).




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September 14, 2019
Global Moderator Uk Female Is not currently on the site
Ah-HAH! Yes, them! :mdr:

Thanks! I thought I'd put in one of the more interesting official characters and one who isn't in the SNA universe. But you know, it's confusing for me using the buffalo, after seeing so many characters related to Kula the lion! :! :o :icon335:

September 14, 2019
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Meh, lol it's probably either Fflewddur Fflam or Cacofonix :mdr:
Btw, I also really like the fact that you added Kula :icon335:

September 14, 2019
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September 14, 2019
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Hmmm...personality. Might have to have a good think lol

September 14, 2019
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Thanks so much, Paw!

I'm a'wondering so hard what character he reminds you of! :mdr: In looks or in personality?

September 14, 2019
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Founder of The Silver Herd
Wow, he's so cool! Nice, interesting bio and personality too :icon335: Reminds me of a character from a book I read, if only I could remember . . .

But anyway lol Excellent work on him, Windhowler, he is fab and is definitely welcome to the Isu Keeney Pride!

September 14, 2019
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Thank you :)

Bulba: I adore the colour scheme you designed! Thank you! I added his mane/fur style inspired by a horned lizard lol

September 14, 2019
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Bi Pride&Bohemian Rhapsody
I agree with Bulb

September 14, 2019
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Saur, Bulba Bulbasaur!
I love him so so much! He’s so unique and has such a wonderful personality!

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