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Voice actor : Jack McBrayer

Main type : Official character

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Detail Badili

Badili is a character from the show Lion Guard.

He appears in the episode "Trouble with Galagos". After another leopard chased him off his teritory, Badili moved into a tree that belonged to galagos, causing them to panic and call the Lion guard for help.

When confronted by the Lion Guard, Badili says he lives in Mirihi Forest, but is afraid to tell them about Mapigano and makes several excused not to go home, but Lion Guard eventually escorts him to make sure he left galagos' tree.

Mapigano leaps at Badili, asking why he came back when it's no longer his turf and starts to mock him. The Guard watches them from the distance and when they realize Badili won't stand up for himself, they chase Mapigano off. Badili is happy and thanks the Lion Guard, however, the nest day Mapigano comes back and without Lion Guard to scare him off, he takes back Badili's turf to himself, causing Badili to flee to galagos' tree again.

Badili is glad to see the Lion Guard, and asks Kion if they are going to get rid of Mapigano again, but Kion refuses, claiming that Badili has to learn how to stand up for himself. Kion agrees to teach him how to be fierce, Fuli how to be fast, Bunga how to be brave, and Beshte how to be strong. Ono agrees to help him keeping an eye contact. 

After the traning Badili admits he's ready to come back and confront Mapigano. They return to Mihiri Forest Badili wakes Mapigano up. The other leopard is suprised that there is no Lion Guard to fight him this time and starts mocking and making fun of Badili like he did before. Badili starts to break under the pressure, but he soon remembers his training with the Lion Guard and regains his confidence. Badili informs Mapigano him that he is not scared of him anymore. Mapigano starts to back away and eventually flees and Badili regains his turf.


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I finally finished working on his head image, but it looks like someone made his page before me. All well. :/:

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:icon40: :icon47: 1st commoent :icon60: :icon74: i would like him to make more appears in episodes

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