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Detail Baadal


Name:  Baadal Meaning : Snow
Age:  Adult Gender:  Male
Homeland: Pamoja pride Current home: Pamoja pride
  Titles: King Baadal
Species:African Lion  

Body: Baadal is an average sized lion, his body is a pale creamish brown, his underbelly and paws are a pale cream and his muzzle is slightly darker than that. He has a dark brown ‘hood that runs up his nose bridge across his forehead and his ears, he has a dark spot on each ear. His nose has a light patch on one side that also affects the fur on his bridge as well. He has a dark patch on his back as well.

His mane falls over his right eye and is white in color, his eyes are a stunning blue color.

Baadal Face markings:


Paw pads:


Mother:  Unnammed Father:  King of pamoja pride
Littermates: Unknown Other siblings: Unknown
Mate: Tawla Children: Nirmala
other relatives: unknown
To TLK: father to Nirmala
Pride mates: Maidaan(former)

Baadal appears as a confident lion, but he is often unsure of himself, he has a lot of love to give as well, he feels his pride is important and always tries to get others input.

He loves his pride and his family, While he would never admit it out loud he hates his pride's traditions at times.


 He was born as the prince of the Pamoja pride, Baadals frist den was in a hollow tree , it was a cozy tree den, guarded by two unknown lions to Baadal, the young prince would spend the first week or so in this small den, He spent a lot of time with his mother.

Baby Baadal and his mother

Baadals frist time out of the den amazed him, the pride around him were mostly shades of browns but there was the odd few that didn’t match , Baadal would then meet his father ,a large male who had a few spots over his coat, the king smiled at his cub and welcomed him into the pride, at this time Baadal didn’t have a name and everyone just called him ‘young prince’ as in the pride cubs would only get named after meeting the pride.

Baadal would go around the pride and meet the adults, he was most interested in the odd looking lions, they had not been born in Pamoja but joined after being found by pride members ,they told him stories of other lands, one told him about a large tree where all animals could go for healing and rest ,another told him of a pride not to far off that was currently over hunting prey and said she was lucky to escape without the king of that land knowing. Baadal swore to himself to never allow his pride to over hunt when he was king.

Baadal and his father

Baadal was soon given his name, named after his cloud white mane, not that this was uncommon in the pride but who was he said complain about his name, only a short time later did his lesson begin, often taught by his father, he would learn to fight and care for himself and the pride and oddly how to climb trees, Pamoja lions tended to love napping in trees, Baadal noticed that the members who joined from other prides didn’t do it often and when he asked his father he was told that most lions didn’t do it but it was a thing enjoyed by most Pamoja lions.

As a young teenager he would spend a lot of time hanging in trees with his father, watching his father lead the pride, a few new lions had joined the pride at this time, they had bought news that the nearby pride with the bad king had died out , this is where these lions came from including another lioness his age her name was Tawla , to say Baadal was in love at first site would be an understatement ,he would spend any time away from his father flirting and trying to impress Tawla. Up until his father started to joke about it , Baadal felt embarrassed and stopped.

Once Baadal and Tawla become young adults the king told them of a tradition in the pride, all lions once becoming young adults where allowed to go out and explore until such a time where they wish to return, some lions returned others never did , it was up to the lion, Baadal was told he was allowed to do this as well but most princes and princesses only left for a short time, Baadal asked to stay in the pride, but Tawla left on her journey , she wanted to see her homeland again.

Tawla and Baadal as teens/young adults

Baadal was upset at first that she left but he soon was about to keep his mind off her,his father put him in charge of teaching a new lion the ways of the pride, this lion seemed off to him, he never seemed interested in learning about anything important about the pride and just grumbled alot, Baadal asked his father what to do and the king said to allow the lion to be as that was just how the lion was. The next morning Baadal awoke to a yell, he found his father dead, the strange lion was gone ,it was clear to the pride what had happened.

 Baadal was made king , At first he was nervous but his pride had his back the older lions all gave him guidance he would soon fit into his role , his pride did well , he helped welcome new cubs into the pride and over some time started to wish he would have his own cubs but he had never fallen out of love with Tawla. To his surprise she returned to the pride, she said she wanted to return for some time but she might leave again, Baadal was fine with this and went straight onto flirting with her. It took time but she soon admitted feelings as well and the two became mates.

Baadal couldn't be happier his pride was doing well and he was in love,He knew Tawla was happy but also wished to explore, he knew if she did this she would, he wouldn’t stop it, it was the prides way, but then one day she told him she was expecting cubs, his cubs. He started to make sure a den was ready for her and his future children Tawla only had one cub, a girl, Baadal would spend his days in the tree above the den guarding it until the day the cub came out of the den, she was a beautiful brown color with stunning blue eyes, she did the traditional meeting of the pride before being named, He named her Nirmala.

Baadal loved to teach his daughter about the Pamoja pride, she even showed interest in healing, he couldn’t be more proud, Tawla one day told them that she was going to leave again, Baadal knew there was no stopping her and of course Nirmala was upset but he let her go. Baadal told his daughter that in the pride lions would leave, some would return others would not, he told her the storys other lions had told him of the large tree of healing ,that if the Pamoja pride didn’t allow lions to leave they would never learn so much about around them, Tawla would return not long after and it was like she never left.

As Nirmala grew Baadal knew she would soon get to the age she would need to be offered the choice to leave as well, he hated that thought but hoped she was like him, he started to try and teach her how important family was and how the Pamoja pride would need her,when it came time he was shocked to see her choose to leave the Pamoja pride, he would hope to see her return but she never did, Tawla would leave not long after.

Baadal continued to lead his pride, always keeping an eye out for his Mate and Daughter.


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