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Aza (S15)

Aza (S15)


Created by : sky15

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Aza (S15)

Name: Aza.

Origin/Meaning: Swahili; It means Strong.

Gender: Lioness.

Age: Adult.

Parent(s): Unknown.

Sibling(s): Ask in a pm if you want to create one.

Close Friend(s): Zira.

Crushes: Ask in a pm if you want to create one.

Mate(s): A random rogue (a very short relationship), Ask in a pm if you want to create one.

Cub(s): Kani (Dotty) and Nakato (Spotty).

Pride(s): South-Land Pride (born and raised, left her young adult years), currently lives in Zira's Pride in the Out-Lands.

Status: Out-Lander.

Personality: A bit stuck up, has a smart tone and very quick with her words, can act a bit snappy, very protective over her daughters, aggressive, always helpful and loyal to Zira, shows kindness only to her family and close friends, can appear sensitive but tries to hide it.

Bio: Aza is the mother of Spotty and Dotty (my universe/theory) and also a best friend of Zira. Aza grew up in the South-Lands. Her pride sadly was taken over by male rogues and majority of her pride memebers were killed. Aza, her mother, and a few others were the only lucky surviors who escaped. At that time, Aza was just late-teenager almost welcoming to adult-hood. Her and her mother had to split up to go their own separate so the rogue males wouldnt pick up their scents close together. Aza hated the idea of leaving her mother, but she had no choice. She ran as far as her paws could carry and never did turn back. Aza hope and prayed that her mother made it out okay and alive. One day, she plans on returning to the South-Lands.

In adult-hood, Aza had spent most of her time alone without a pride or home to claim. She is a lonesome rogue. She wanted to go find her mother but didnt know how to locate her. Plus, she was so weak to go back home to the South-Lands to defeat the new males. It was no use and she eventually gave up thinking about it. Soon, her worries and struggles had ended briefly after running into a "friendly" rogue lion who was a bit older than she. The two kept each other company and he even shared his food and cave with Aza. After enjoying each other so well for a while, the two started a family welcoming twin girls (Spotty and Dotty). It was what Aza wanted, her a family and to start out a new pride. But the male was not ready for a pride just yet or parent-hood. So the two adults had went their separate ways, leaving Aza once again back to square alone. But this time even worse, she's travelling alone with two small cubs surrounded by unknown danger.

As more months have passed, Aza comes across a desert where she meets Zira and her small group of lionesses for the first time. They were also without a pride and was searching for a home. Zira at this particular time frame had a caring heart and could'nt abandoned a mother and her cubs out alone in a desert. She asked for Aza to join their travel, that way Aza would be protected in numbers. Aza thanks Zira and takes her offer, even though in the beginning she was a bit hesistant. So thus, after stumbling later into the Out-lands, Zira formed her pride and settled down in the Out-Lands as what we all know what it is (or was) now based on the film. Aza lives happliy there and loves her close friendship with Zira and even considered of having Dotty being bethrothed to cub Nuka.

(Her bio will be updated repeatedly as I continue on her storyline in my fan-fic on wattpad!).


Bases: ChubNarwhalBases (C), (Deviant Art).

Kani and Nakato: Me(C) (My own versions/designs of Spotty and Dotty, since they are not official characters of Disney).

Tlk Relation(s): Lives in the Out-Lands, Zira's Best friend.





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Thank you so much! And yes there is :D It is called, The Lion King: A Outsider Tale


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She seems dead cool, is there a link to the fanfiction?

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