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Created by : Simon Ferocious

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail *Ayo..

Name: Ayo


Parents: Fossa X un-named

Siblings: None (Only child)

Status: Alive

Gender: Male

Personality: Family orientated, trouble maker, mischevious, sarcastic, cheeky, confrontational, flamboyant, offensive, regretful, self destructive, opinionated, social and childish.

History: When Ayo was born he was unaware of the relationship his parents had. Although his father has since forgotten due to his short term memory, he found out over time that his parents argued alot. But this was mainly due to his mother attacking his father and soon moving on as if him and Fossa were nothing. Even so Fossa held his own and took Ayo with him to find their home. They didn't know where it was. But they were looking for their home. During this time they met a weird pig and meerkat who told them weird stories. Though Ayo and Fossa just took it on board as a result of how lost they were. Even so something soon took place which his father refuses to bring up.

Ayo was attacked by a crocodile one day while playing. Fossa saved him but he lost his front left leg in the process. This traumatic experiense struck a chord in both him and Fossa. While his dad doesn't dare to mention it, Ayo sees the images of the attack when he zones out. Even so after that the two soon found the Offbeat pide where Obi, Scar's son, welcomed them with open arms and Ayo met his auntie Sierra around this time.

Every now and then Fossa also took Ayo to meet the humans who nursed him back to health. Like his father he was given colourful markings (African war paint) and also became a mascot for the village. After this as he grew older he became more independant and wondered off to meet new friends. Quite happily he made many bonds including a friendship with Kiara. When he met Simba's daughter he clicked with her instantly and the duo became close friends. As well as this he also clicked with Kovu though he held negitive feelings toward him. 

As of now he's still in the Offbeat pride with his father and has much more time to do more with his young life (More may be added)

Pride: The offbeat pride

Crush: None (Open)

Mate: None (Open)

Cubs: None (Holds no interest)

Relation to lion king: Formally knew Timon and Pumba and has since formed a bond with Scar's son Obi. Ayo is also a close friend of Princess Kiara's.


(Likes) Humans, scaring people, ghost stories, climbing trees, racing with his friends, family time,making trouble, doing what his dad tells him not to, the unknown and sleeping (Dislikes) Kids, sad songs, his mother, water, any reptilile, facades and being followed.

Voice: Jah Wobble

Theme:-Talking heads - One in a lifetime

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