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Audre (S15)

Audre (S15)


Created by : sky15

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Audre (S15)

Name: Audre.

Name Meaning/Origin: It means "Noble Strength" in English.

Gender: Lioness.

Parent(s): -----

Sibling(s): -----

Crushe(s): Chinua.

Mate(s): Chinua.

Cub(s): Deceased (first born), Cherish.

Pride(s): Pride Rock (born and raised, later left when she met Chinua), Western High Lands (Chinua's pride, currently lives there).

Pride Rank(s): At Pride Rock she was a 'Brood-Mother'. Which means, she and a few other lionesses help around protecting, watching, and nursing the cubs of the pride. At the Western High Lands, she is still doing the same position for her love of cubs.

Bio/Personality: Audre is a former member of Pride Rock, a time when King Ahadi and Queen Uru ruled. She was good, loyal friends with the King and Queen. They adored her work ethic, how she is so gentle and loving towards the pride cubs and always looking out for them whenever the mothers have to hunt or attend other duties. You can always count on Audre for that. A few times she had even cared for baby Mufasa and Taka, when Ahadi and Uru had to attend their royal meetings. She was one of the few lions they've trust to handle their little ones.

But the day when Audre decided to leave Pride Rock, the King and Queen was quite sadden. Audre met a male lion outside of the Pride Lands named, "Chinua" whom leads a pride with his brother "Kimoni". Ahadi and Uru know much of who the males are, in fact, they had invited them to Mufasa's presentation and Audre remembered. It was love at first sight for the two and Audre made a big decision to leave her birth place to come join his forever. The King and Queen understood her choice, since Uru has done the same leaving her birth pride to be with Ahadi. They gave Audre their blessing and told her that she can always come home whenever. She respected their kind words and gestures.

Living with Chinua and his pride was going great. His family liked her a lot and pride members because she got along pretty good and presents herself always as kind, sweet, and soft spoken. Even the cubs liked her too. Chinua love watching her interact with cubs and wanted to have a family of his own, so later on they did and it was the best day ever in Audre's life. She always wanted her own. But sadly, the cub had passed away a few days after it's birth. No one knew what happened. It was just shocking and heartbreaking for the parents. Times became weird and complicated afterwards. Chinua often pushed Audre away and wanted nothing to do with her after their child's death. Audre always blamed herself for it, but she knows Chinua did'nt mean it. He's just so upset about it all. So she tried not to take it too much to heart. But one day she did and she almost went back home to the Pride Lands.

But Kimoni, Chinua's brother, had a private talk with Audre begging her to stay and speaking positively about his own concerns and his brother's actions. Audre thought about it for a while and decided to stay a bit longer, hoping Chinua can change his behavior. It took some time for the two, but they were able to piece back their relationship. Especially, when Kimoni had cubs of his own and Chinua became a close uncle to one of his daughters named, "Isabis". Chinua treated Isabis as his own, training her to be a tough scout and going on a play dates. It warmed Audre's heart, knowing that if he had a chance to be a father, he would be a good one.


Chinua, Isabis, Kimoni: Me(C).

Cherish: Sierra (C).

Base(s): TrueLightPortal(C), DA.

TLK Relation(s): Friends with Ahadi and Uru, mates with Sarafina's uncle, born and raised at Pride Rock.


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