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Athena (NT1)

Athena (NT1)


Created by : LittleDrew

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Athena (NT1)

Name: Athena

Meaning: Orphan of Mother (in greek)

Age: Young adult (as the age of kiara a little older.)

Gender: Female lioness

Parents: ???

Mate: Scar

Cubs: Koda and Kirian.

Status: Deceased

Appearance:  Athena have a orange eye color.
Color of pleo: - Beige gray and opaque.
Muzzle shape and color: - "Round" and Pink/Purple
Tail tuft color: brown
Color around the eyes: Beige dark gray on top, and almost white red on the bottom. 

Personality: Athena was also sweet and kind, but she was strong and determined, not only as Scar's mate, but as a queen too, ready to punish anyone if necessary.

Like And Dislikes:. Athena loved to go out before it rained, she felt free anyway, always enjoyed staying with her two best friends, Sarabi and Sarafina, and she also liked when she and Scar left for their nightly routine.

already, Athena hated being surrounded by fakes, or people who made her feel bad, above all also hated a lion itself, his name was Tayota (but he's died by a hyenas).


Athena was born in the OutLands, her father was a stern lion, her mother already sick could not leave much of where they lived to hunt, so the other lionesses of the OutLands did this.

Athena was too adventurous, even with her father's warnings, once she crossed the boundaries of the Outlands into PrideLands, where a pack of jackals attacked her, at the time still a little cub, was saved by the lion's guard at the time (led by Scar .)

the girl was all bruised, so out of obligation, Scar took her to Pride Rock, where Shikizi (Rafiki's mother) and Rafiki helped her with the wounds.

Athena's father learned of the case and went straight to PrideLands to take her daughter back to the OutLands, but after learning how he treated her daughter, Uru decided not to hand her over to him, Athena was shocked at how his father stayed, he swore it would destroy the kingdom of PrideLands with everything.

A few days later the threat was forgotten, Athena now adopted by Sawa a young lioness came to live with the PrideLanders, and thus formed friendship with Muffy, Sarabi and Sarafina, and ... especially Scar.

As a young adult (at the same age as Kiara in the second film) Scar began to have an interest in the girl, with their friendship affiliations Athena also became interested in the boy.

so they both started to get together, and over time Athena met Zira, who at the time was also in love with Scar, but that did not pay attention.

So, with both grown up, and also all young men, Scar asked that Athena be his mate, and with the permission of Ahadi and Uru, they were both married, Sarabi and Mufasa were also married, and Sarafina was still dating Tekú at the time .

(in the time Scar took the throne and became king.) 

Athena was pregnant with Scar, both were happy with the news that they would have heirs, but with the absurd rules of Scar and the decrease of food quickly, Athena was not well prepared to have a cub at the time, but even with the alert of Rafiki and the other lionesses, she and Scar did not hear.

the day of the birth then arrived, Athena gave birth to two little ones, however, their forces would need to be restored quickly, or instead, would die.

And that's what happened.

Athena weakly licked the puppies and stared up at Scar, proudly.
his eyes were leaving the shine and in a little time ... Athena leaves the PrideLands.

Now dead, Scar would have to take care of his two heirs, who in a short time were named as "Koda and Kirian"



Relation with TLK: PrideLand's formerly queen, Scar's mate and Mother to Kirian and Koda.


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