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Ashon (RAU333)

Ashon (RAU333)


Created by : Reba_andUnicorn333

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Ashon (RAU333)

Name: Ashon

Meaning: Seventh born son

Age: Depends on use/ Kiara’s generation

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Six elder siblings (will not be getting pages)

Personality: As a cub, Ashon was not the brightest cub in the pride. He was fun loving and care free. Though he was not good in talking to females, or anyone new. As an adult, Ashon is not exactly what a female would look for in a lion. He was still not comfortable talking to females, neither did he care much about lionesses. He could not even pick up the hints if any lioness liked him. Though he was caring towards his loved ones, he sometimes tends to forget his responsibilities. He was a pretty decent person in general.

Notable features: In terms of looks, Ashon is not exactly what females look for either. He has a feminine face shape, especially his eyes which resembled a female’s eyes. He does not have a strong/masculine body build either. He has spots on his face which looks like freckles and a stripe that goes all the way to his back. But he also has a stylish side swept mane.

Mate: Zuri

Cubs: None yet

Pride(s): A small pride beside the Pride Lands (formerly), Pride Lands (currently)


Ashon was born to the king and queen of a small pride near the Pride Lands. He had six other elder siblings in line before him, so he was not originally destined for taking the throne or any duties. But soon after his birth, his father received a proposal to betroth one of his sons to Kiara, the newborn princess of the Pride Lands, their ally. The king accepted it and betrothed Ashon to Kiara.

As a cub, Ashon did not have much responsibilities which was perfect for him. In general, he was not good in talking with new people and the only few friends he had were his playmates since birth. He had a lots of fun playing with them. He sometimes needed to attend the royal lessons with his siblings to learn the basic ins and outs of being a ruler, but his lessons were not long as he was to be sent to another pride and learn their ways of ruling. Ashon had a faint idea that he was betrothed to someon but he never got a chance to visit the Pride Lands, neither did he care much about these matters.

Ashon grew up and the time when he would have to leave for the Pride Lands was nearing. However, a news arrived that demanded that they cancel the betrothal as Kiara had already found a mate. Now that Ashon did not have any responsibilities he was content. Though, his eleder siblings, especially the heir to the throne expressed dissatisfaction. They worried that if Ashon had nothing else to do, he may want to challenge and take over the throne. To ease their worries, Ashon decided to leave for the Pride Lands anyway. He did not have any plans to start a family yet, though.

After joining the Pride Lands, he was having trouble making new friends. But then, a proud young lioness, Zuri, took him. Ashon was not what Zuri looked for in a lion. He was not really handsome, he looked feminine.Zuri only befriended him because she did not want to look left out, as all of her friends including Kiara, Tiifu and Kion had already found mates. Despite what Ashon looked like, Zuri hoped they would still click. However, Zuri discovered that he was what not she was looking for personalitiwise, either. He was not comfortable talking to her and he often stuttered. Despite that, Zuri still tolerated him because she did not want to look incapable of finding a mate.

However, soon Zuri met a handsome, flirty male lion and she started spending more times with him.That is when Ashon realized that he had somehow developed feelings for Zuri, and it ached in his heart everytime he saw her spending time him but he could not confess his feelings as he lacked the confidence in talking to females.. Even though Zuri didn’t say it out loud, she actually didn’t like Ashon anymore.

But soon, that male lion disappeared and was never seen again. Zuri was heart broken, and Ashon came to comfort her despite his lack of confidence. He has happy that the lion was gone but he felt sad seeing Zuri in pain. Soon enough, Ashon realized he had to do it and finally gathered enough courage to confess his feelings. Zuri could see that his feelings were genuine, and despite not liking him that much, she accepted him in hopes that one day she would fall for him too. Soon enough, Zuri discovered that she loved him as well.


Art© Me

Design © JennyHalvors on DA

Relation to TLK: Was initially Kiara’s betrothed even though it was cancelled later on, became Zuri’s mate after that


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