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Ashanti (HIE)

Ashanti (HIE)


Created by : Hige Is Epic

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Ashanti (HIE)

Basic Information

Name: Ashanti
Lived during: Kovu's Reign
Age: Young lioness

Physical Description
Eyes: Red
Eyerims: Dark brown
Inside ear: Dark brown
Main pelt: Soft Brown
Underbelly,muzzle and paws : Cream
Tail tuft: Dark Red
Nose: Dark Pink

Body structure: Slim and slender.
Rendered from: Nala.

Quirks Description

Physical quirks: Very graceful.
Vocal quirks: Has a soft voice.

Personality: Ashanti is a very proud lioness, of who she is, and of her mate-Saka. She can be rather sweet and gentle, but when times call for it, quick to adapt to violence. She hates losing what is hers and hates being cast aside. She is extremely loyal to Saka and would do anything for him. Ashanti is naturally kind, but the harsh world has hardened her to lose some of her kindness and act nastily. She hates being betrayed.

Likes:  Saka

Dislikes:  Her family; especially her parents and brother, being discarded.

Strengths: Trickery, beauty, abilty to take control.

Weaknesses:  Her total devotion to Saka, her past self


  •   Manipulation
  • Leadership qualities
  • Fighting

Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Siblings: A younger brother (I still need to design and create his bio)
Mate: Saka
Cubs: None..yet :3

Ashanti grew up as the next in line as her prides ruler. Her parents promised she would be the queen of the pride someday, as it was her right as their child. She grew up happy and kind, everything she wanted handed to her and she was well liked among her peers. She loved her pride and her parents with all her heart, because they never lied to her about anything.

When her mother had another, cub, her little brother. Ashanti was at first delighted. She loved her little brother more than anything, glad she would be able to take care of him as a ruler one day. So her life continued happily for some time.

However, when she and her brother became young adults, Ashanti was told by her parents that she would not become the Queen, instead her brother would become King of the pride... Ashanti was stunned by this, and she quickly turned to anger. Her parents told her it was because he was a boy, and stronger than her so he could protect the pride. Ashanti felt betrayed, and got in an argument with them, they had betrayed her trust and lied to her all her life. Having no one in her pride she could trust, she felt truly alone. When her brother tried to talk to her, she snapped and blamed him for being born and that her parents hated her all along and were replacing her with someone they dubbed 'better'. She roared that she hated her family, brother, parents and pride and then fled, declaring she would be a Queen one day, even if they tried to stop her again.

Alone and still shocked by the everything that had happened, she fled from her lands, to get away from everything. She traveled for many days, and ended up in the savannah alone and lost.

It was then, that she met a lion, with dark brown fur, a red mane and brilliant eyes. Ashanti was curious to see such a strong looking lion all out here on his own, and she soon confronted him. She learned his name was Saka and that he was looking for lions to build a pride, he wanted to overthrow a king who he saw as worthless and take his place. At first, Ashanti was wary, he was trying to steal the crown from a rightful lion...But she was taken by his honesty and determination to his task, she decided to join him on his travels, as seeing as she was alone, and maybe he could help her own troubles some day.

Ashanti fell for Saka slowly, and then suddenly she loved him. The feeling was odd to her, she thought she could never love anyone again after her familys wrongdoings.

As she stayed with him, Ashanti had learned he would be in need of a mate... and she realized, her love for him could also be her hope. He wanted to be King, so because she loved him she would be his Queen. Of course, she knew this would only be true if he returned her feelings, if he didn't she would simply ask for his help in becoming a Queen of a pride.

But he loved her back, and they became mates. Ashanti pledged herself to Saka and his cause wholeheartedly, and she became his loyal mate as he prepared himself for becoming King.

When she and Saka arrived in the Pridelands, Saka first attacked and killed Kiara, to make Kovu emotionally weaker. Kovu was eventually defeated and Saka took over as King, Ashanti becoming his Queen. The pride were far from happy about their new rulers..but what could they do? Ashanti did feel rather quilty for them, they had lost one of their own, and Kovu had lost his mate. She would feel devasted if Saka was killed. She did not dwell on it long, the kingdom was now their responsibilty..

Ashanti wanted to ensure their ruling would continue so she decided it was time to try for Saka's cubs and heirs to the throne...
Render (c) Me

Relation to TLK: Mate to Saka who is Vitani's son.


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