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Created by : DrewTaylors

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Orange

Specific type : ---------


Detail Asha

Name; Asha
Meaning; Life {Swahilli} 
wish, desire, hope {most commonly}

Age; Cub - Varies

Gender; Female
Specie: African Lioness


Residence; PrideLands
Affiliations: PrideLands/PrideLanders, Mufasa's pride, Simba's pride.

AKA; Ash {Friends} Hairball, queen of drama.
Titles: Queen Nala's lady-in-waiting {When adult}

Status; Alive

—{Physical appearance}—

Asha has a cream orange color with lighter colors around its muzzle, eyes, neck, paws and belly.
his inner ear rims and ear rims are darker than his coat, the tuft of her tailhas a reddish tinge and his eyes a green shade like Nala's.

Personality: Dramatic, charismatic, lovely, friendly, adventurous and brave

Likes; go out to play, her friends, Pride Lands, Prince Simba and adventures
Deslikes: Grounded in the cave, Scar, Hyenas.


Father; Unknow
Mother: Azia

Siblings; Dont have

GrandFather(s); Unknow grandfathers

GrandMother(s); Unknow grandmothers


Mate; D/H
Children; D/H

Mother-In-Law; D/H
Father-In-Law; D/H

Friends/Allies; Simba, Nala, Chumvi, Malka, Tojo, Zazu, Queen Sarabi, PrideLand's lioness.
Enemies; Scar, Hyenas. 


Asha was born in PrideLands, being the daughter of Azia a single mother, and an old friend of Sarabi.

When she reached the age of Simba on the first movie, she began to have a little "Crush" on the prince, always close to him and the other cubs of the Pride.

In one of the adventures with her friends, Asha was attacked by a snake that bit her, Simba and Nala saved her by taking her away from the snake and taking her to Pride Rock, Asha became seriously ill for such a thing and could hardly speak in the however with Rafiki's return to PrideLands she recovered and became a strong lioness again with medications of the same one.

After Mufasa's death, both she and the other cubs struggled to adapt to Scar's new "rules," when she grew up as thin as other lionesses for lack of food, she strongly helped Simba and Nala return the throne. Simba's right.

After all the war for PrideLands, Nala, who had already become Simba's queen, she relied heavily on his "sister-of-another mother" and decided to give her the post of lady-in-waiting, which Asha is very proud of.


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