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Asante (Higes Version)

Asante (Higes Version)


Created by : Hige Is Epic

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Dark grey

Specific type : ---------


Detail Asante (Higes Version)

Name: Asante

Meaning: "Thank you"In Swahili

Age: Depends on use

Gender: Female

Species: Hyena

Breed: Spotted Hyena

Rank: Princess of the Hyena Clan

Clan: The Hyena Clan

Colour: Dark gray hairfuft, tail,eye rims and paws. Lighter body fur and light gray underfur.Brown eyes.

Parents: Shenzi and Banzai

Friends: Kopa,they became best friends after Kopa saved her from a constrictor snake, Kroko, a old crocodile.

Crush/Mate: Taniba

Pups: None

Personailty: Asante, unlike the other hyenas, is very kindhearted. She is an accepting character though she has a distrust of lions. She is rather spunky and outgoing, also quite friendly as she accepts Taniba as a friend even though their species are enimies. She is brave and loyal and rushes to her friends aid when he is in trouble. She is the only Hyena to be considered a friend to Simbas Pride. She also hates being treated differently in her clan, shhe hates being their princess.

Likes: Taniba, having a laugh, playing.

Dislikes: Posinous snakes, she fears them. Her clan ,when Taniba is in trouble, being the princess of her clan. Also she dislikes her attraction to Taniba, as he is a lion and she a Hyena.

History: At birth she was hailed as the Princess of the Hyena clan, her parents Shenzi and Banzai had recently been apointed the King and queen of the clan. Shenzi was the grandaughter of the last King Hyena, King Nguvu. He had been killed in the war between Hyena and Lion, along with Banzais father who had been eaten by Sarafina, when Banzai was just a pup.

Asante was treated with great care as everyone thought she would be the one to save them from their outcast life in the Shadowlands. But the young pup hated her life in the clan and always snuck away to play. She met a old crocodile called Kroko who became her friend, and she would hide near his river when her Clan went searching for her. As seeing as her Clan feared the croc she was hidden for hours before she wandered home and was told off.

One day Asante decided to venture into a place where the clan had once lived, The Elephant Graveyard. She was trying to steal some snake eggs, but the constrictor snake caughte her in th act. Half of her was stuck under ground so she couldnt escape. Luckily a young lion cub had seen her in trouble and came to her aid. He flipped the snake away from her, and she had a chance to escape.

Afterwards the cub introduced himself as Taniba, Prince of the Pridelands. Asante thanked him for his help and the two begin to talk. Asante tells him what she was up to, niether were fazed about their species being lifelong enimies. Asante has to go home and bids him farewell after explaining that she cant go into the Pridelands because she is a Hyena.

Asante hides the truth about her new friend from her Parents and clan, as they would'nt approve. A few days later Asane stumbles across Taniba in the savanah. The two play and Asante tells Taniba that he is her friend. The two play everyday and grew inseperable. Asante persaudes Taniba to come to the "Shadowlands" With her and he accecpts. But when they arrive a storm ocurs and the river floods dragging Taniba into it. Asante runs off to get help from Kroko and the old croc saves him.

After that Asante tells Tanibathey are even, and says that they cant be friends. She walks off but suddenly changes her mind and runs after Taniba They race each other to Priderock where Asante is introduced to Simba and Nala. Asante is scared at first but after talking to Taniba's parents, she realizes that they are really nice. She doesnt care that Nala's mum ate her Grandad (Banzais dad).

Soon the Hyena Clan discover her Friendship wit the lions and keep her under cave arrest. She isnt aloud out untill she is a teen, and by then KTaniba's siblings Fluffy and Kiara had been born. Asante races to the Pridelands, but she sees Taniba from afar, he looks really depressed. Asante also notices how handsome he had become. Confused by the strange feelngs toward her best friend, she runs out calling a greeting. Nobody recognises her and think she wants to attack the newborn cubs. They try to chase her off, but Nala suddenly realised who she is and stops the lionesses. She tells that Pride that it was Asante, Taniba now remembers his cubhood friend. He asks her why she never came back, and she tells him her Clan kept her locked up like a prisoner.

Soon Taniba gets overwhelmed wiht his siblings and king training so decides to ditch his pride and become a Rouge. Asante tries to stop him, but he wont be persauded. Asante tries to run away with him but her Clan catch her. They are angry and leap at her , beating her. Taniba comes back and protects her from her mad Clan. Then they both get taken back to the Shadowlands. Taniba and Asante are guarded in the cave cell before Shenzi and Banzai come down and talk to them. Asante tells them she will only stay with the Clan if she has her own freedom and Kopa can stay too. Her parents agree, as they love their daughter and only want whats best for her.

Asante tells Taniba that she wants him to be her partner when she takes over of the Clan. Taniba agrees but thinks it is because of there friendship. Asante has trouble accepting her newfound attraction to him but she later confessess. Taniba reveals he feels the same, and Asante feels relieved even though she knows that having a pup would be difficult. But she and Taniba agree to try when they take the throne.

Relation to TLK: Is Shenzi and Banzaia daughter, is friends with the Pridelanders, Taniba(son of Simba and Nala) is her crush/Mate. Asante is based off the Hyena pup from Lionking Six new adventures book, she is also in an different universe from my other characters on the site, so its not so confusing.



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Thanks Bam, no wonder Kopa fell for her. He cant help himself, even if she isnt a lion like him XD

August 11, 2012
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aw, that hyena is so CUTE! :Love: :icon40:

August 11, 2012
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Anyone like this Hyena i made?

August 11, 2012
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Aww thanks, mabye later im a bit busy

August 11, 2012
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you called? *faves her* wanna go on shoutbox

August 11, 2012
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