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Asali (Bambiraptor)

Asali (Bambiraptor)


Created by : Bambiraptor

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Private

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Asali (Bambiraptor)

Name: Asali


Meaning: honey


Gender: female


Age: depends on use, but mostly shown as an adult


Breed: African lion


Appearance: Well built Pridelander with uncolored paws, a Pridelander nose, ear strips and only upper eyeshades


Fur colors: brown ears and eyeshades; golden honey pelt with a lighter gold underside and very light brown tail tuft


Eye color(s): harvest gold and white


Personality: tough; snarky; sarcastic; intelligent; stubborn; headstrong; argumentative


Simply put, for most lions Asali is quite hard to get along with. She boasts she’s been looking out for herself since the day she was born, and plans to till the day she dies. One of Asali’s great joys is being in charge, and usually doesn’t hesitate to make it known. Her sarcasm knows no bounds, some say, and when she decides to form an opinion about something there’s no changing her mind. Underneath her harsh exterior, though, beats a heart that longs for acceptance and friendship.


Likes: control; being proven right; winning arguments; wrestling; racing; hunting at nighttime; dust baths; her independence


Dislikes: being tamed; sweetness/sappiness; laziness; feeling neglected; strictness; knowing she’s in the wrong; girly lionesses; any and all rogues; never knowing her real parents


Wants: to be independent and able to hold her own, friendship


Mate: Hami


Cubs: Nyra, Goma


Crush/crushers: Hami


Relations: The King of the Mountain Pride (adoptive father), Malka’s Mother (adoptive mother), Malka (adoptive brother), Adia, Taji (grandchildren)


Friends: Hami


History: Asali was born as an only cub in a small pride that lived peacefully just outside the borders of the Mountain Pride. It was one day very early in her life that her parents were slaughtered by rogues who had taken over the pride. Knowing full well that the rogues would kill the cub if they found her, a brave lioness in the pride smuggled her across the border and into the mountains where she would be safe. On the king’s morning patrol, he heard the mews of a tiny cub left all by itself in the grass. Curious, the king called around to see if she belonged to someone, but no-one ever answered. The king picked the cub up gently in his mouth and carried her homeward, into the mountains. A small problem arose when it came to who would feed Asali, as she had now been named, because the queen didn’t have any cubs at the time and had no milk to give. Fortunately, another lioness in the pride did, and it was she who nursed Asali until she was able to take solid food. By the time she was a few months old, Asali began to show off her more dominant side. One day, a strange cub came to live with the pride. She was told that he was brought here because things were going badly in the Pride Lands and he couldn’t live there anymore. He was shy and scared, as he had never been so far away from home before. Being that Asali was one of the first cubs he talked to, he made an attempt to be friendly- but they didn’t exactly hit it off. They were as different as night and day, but her mother persuaded her to try and be civil to him. Wasn’t she a stranger once too? Reluctantly, Asali tried to tolerate the new cub. As Asali and Hami grew older and stronger, their feelings towards each other changed little, much to the chagrin of her parents. It seemed whenever they were near each other, they were bickering about some unimportant little thing. But when Asali wasn’t busy butting heads with Hami, she was training to fill her future position as lead huntress. Now, in truth, Asali had little interest in the position. But her father forced her into it, and she felt she didn’t really have much of a choice anyway, so she put up with it, albeit begrudgingly. Hami would always tease her about it, which didn’t help her opinion of him much. One morning, Asali awakened to find that Hami was nowhere to be found. Her parents explained that he had gone back home to try and find his family. This angered Asali very much, though she didn’t ever show it. He had left without saying a word to her! Was she really that bad? A few weeks passed with no word from Hami and the more she thought about it, the more she discovered that she truly wanted him by her side. So, she set off for the Pride Lands to find Hami. It wasn’t hard, as he was staying at Pride Rock with his sister Nala who would soon have her cub. When she found him, he was surprised that she had made such a journey to see him. What she told him surprised him even more- she loved him. Why hadn’t he seen it before? How could he not have known? The look in her eyes now told him everything he wanted to know. But before things went anywhere between them, Asali had some conditions. For one, she didn’t want to be coddled or protected all the time. She insisted she could look out for herself. Two, she wanted the right to her own opinions and the right to speak her mind whenever she felt it was necessary. And three, she didn’t want him to try and change her or fix her in any way. She was perfect the way she was (according to her, anyway). Hami agreed to her terms, and after some further talking and compromise, they were married by old Rafiki on Pride Rock. Now Asali is anxious to start her new life with Hami, her loving mate.


Relation to TLK: she was raised by Malka’s parents, and is mates with the son of Scar and Sarafina


Nala, Malka, Malka’s Mother, Rafiki, original images and all locations belong to Disney. Hami, Asali and the renders belong to me.


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