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Asad (S15)

Asad (S15)


Created by : sky15

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Asad (S15)

(Note: His design/colors have been slightly changed as of August 23rd, 2019. Credit by Sierra (c) ).

Name: Asad.

Name Meaning/Origin: Swahili; It means 'Lion'.

Gender: Male.

Age: Varies.

Parent(s): Mother--Unknown and Father--Malka.

Sibling(s): None.

Crushes: Kani.

Mate(s): Kani.

Cub(s): None.

Status: Prince of the Chewa Pride.

Pride(s): Pride Rock (was born there), Chewa Pride (from cub-hood to adult).

Personality: Kind, respectful, loving, protective over his pride and Kani, sociable, friendly, loves to have fun and be goofy at times, explorer, a dreamer, playful, strong, trustworthy, very faithful, can keep a promise.

Bio: Asad is the son of Malka. He was born at Pride-Rock during Scar's terrible reign. He stayed there very briefly since his mother (unknown) feared for his life due to the hyenas being around close on constant watch and Scar always suspcious. Malka, Chumvi, Tojo, and any other male lions from Mufasa's reign were exiled by Scar. But Scar had no clue that this cub (Asad) is Malka's offspring and if he were to ever find out, he would kill the cub. So, Asad's mother had to do what was right which was to sneak off away from Pride-Rock and to meet up with Malka to give up Asad under his care.

Malka developed his own Pride successfully called, "The Chewa Pride" where he is King and Asad (his first born) being the Prince and soon later a King too. Asad's mother did not join although she could have ran off from the Pride-Lands. Malka would've made sure that she'd be protected, but Asad's mother could notabadon her family like that or have Scar ever find out where Malka's pride was. Malka understood her choices and hope that someday Asad could visit his mother once everything settles out good.

Growing up only knowing his father, Asad lived an awesome life. He made many friends and all eyes were on him of course since he is next in line after his father's position. He never had to worry about being hungry or in a dangerous environment. Malka did a great job raising his son and always looked after him. One day, Asad was out hunting until he'd come across "Kani" and her twin sister "Nakato". They looked tired from their long travel and he quickly went to get his father to see what he could do. Malka examine the lionesses carefully and could sniff out their scents knowing that they were outsiders. Malka was very unsure and did not feel comfortable with them joining his pride at first. He already knows of whom these outsiders are based on his old childhood best friend Simba (who now at this time, is King of the Pride-Lands). Outsiders are to be taught dangerous and untrustworthy

Asad had to talk some sense into Malka and forced him to allow these lionesses to join their pride or at least for a few days. Malka finally gave in and surprisingly trusted his son's judgement. After a couple of days, Asad had gotten close to one of the twin sisters "Kani". It was a bit sudden, but it felt like love at first sight with these two. But Kani didn't become Asad's mate right away though since she is still mourning over an previous relationship with "Nuka". Asad understood and told her that she can take all the time she needs, that he will be right there waiting whenever she is ready.


Base(s): LinaEnell (C), (Deviant Art).

Kani, Nakato, Chewa Pride: ME(C).

TLK Relation(s): Malka's son, born at Pride-Rock, future King of Malka's pride.



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