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Created by : Lisianthus

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Aquarius

Name: Aquarius

Titles/Nickname(s): Aqua (She isn't really fond to this nickname),Crown Princess of the Dark Water Pride

Gender: Female

Parents:  Michelangelo X Marianna

SiblingsLeonardo, Scorpio & Gemeni (twins, not born yet)

Love interest: Feliks

Mate(s): None 

Cubs: none (currently)

-Workaholic: She is too much dedicated to her duties as a member of the royal family. It only got worse when she became the next ruler of Dark Water Pride, after her father. 
-Perfectionist: Not only she try harder than she should to make things perfect, but also her behavior must be flawless, so she can set a good example to others. However, it can turn out to be annoying to everyone around her, and tiring for herself.
-Loyal: Like her brother, Aquarius is loyal to her family and kingdom. She would do everything for them, even if it means she has to do some sacrifices.
-Organised: She knows how to plan everything systematically and effectively, making things go smoothly I’m the best way possible. 
-Inhibited: Aquarius is pretty much self-restraint, always denying her own feelings and desires to serve her kingdom interests in first place.


Since young, Aquarius has been pretty responsible and mature cub. Although she wasn't the first in line to be Dark Water pride next ruler, she still took her lessons as royalty pretty serious. After her older brother was betrothed to the Crown Princess of the tree of life, he needed to step down as the next ruler, making this role fall upon Aquarius. As the future queen, she became even more dedicated to her lessons, having in mind she needed to try harder and harder to be the best ruler she could. With this obsession to being perfect, Aquarius ended up neglecting her own health, growing up slimmer than her brother, and it worried her parents. 
During her ceremonial presentation as the future queen to the Dark Water Pride and its allies, Aquarius fainted in the middle of her father speech, due to too much stress and bad eating habits. It caused a commotion, and everyone started to questioning if she was really a good fit to be a ruler. The next day, Aquarius woke up inside the tree of life. A lioness named Nirmala went check up on her, and told her everything that happened at the presentation ceremony, and how Rani offered the best treatment her pride could bestow. Nirmala also told the young lioness that she was in a healing process, and she should rest for a couple of days.  It made Aquarius furious, she couldn't let aside her responsibilities at her own pride, however, her brother and Zendaya managed to convince her to take a break. Zendaya even suggested she could spend this time there, at the tree of life pride.
One day, While Zendaya was showing around the pride to Aquarius, they went to the snowed area. There, she met a young adult tiger, his name was Feliks. At first, Aquarius was really bothered how reckless and carefree he could be, but as both got to know each other,  Aquarius, started to develop feelings for him, and he started liking her as well. Unfortunately, this romance was somehow impossible, since Aquarius was a queen to be.

Relation to TLK/G: Allies with Tree Of Life, she is in love with Felons, her brother is betrothed to Rani and Kion daughter.

I didn't feel like drawing this time, so I did this render.
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