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Detail Aneesa

"Letting go doesn't mean that you don't care about someone anymore. It's just realizing that the only person you have control over is yourself."


Name: Aneesa

Meaning: Grace

Gender: Female

Appearance: light orange lioness with freckles scattered across her face and ears like her mother. She has hazel eyes, red eyebrows and tail tuft, and slightly lighter underfur and lighter nose tip. She is on the shorter side of the spectrum and is slightly bulkier in appearance because of it.

Parents: Shanasa and Askari

Siblings: Sarafina

Mate(s): Taka/Scar (original), Vikai (for protection)

Cubs: Kado

Personality: Aneesa, much like her mother is a very joyful lioness. She believes there is good in everyone if you look hard enough and that just because some lion may seem bad or they do bad things does not make them evil, but rather that is their way of seeking attention. Despite her cheerful nature, Aneesa is a worrier. From the early trauma she experienced of losing her father and nearly her sister, she spends a considerable amount of time contemplating ridiculous scenarios in her mind and coming up with solutions to non-existent (but potential) problems. Much like her ancestors, Aneesa is extremely persistent in what she wants and never gives up a fight until she gets her way. While not completely selfless, she still cares deeply for her son and would do almost anything for him.

History: Aneesa was born to Askari and Shanasa alongside her older sister Sarafina. The small family was always on the move, and so Aneesa only ever had her mother and sister to bond with. She also held a very close bond with her father whom she adored for his games and his treatment. Soon after they were born, Aneesa and Sarafina’s parents decided to settle down in the infamous pridelands. On their way there however, Sarafina ran off to adventure and their father Askari went after her. The older sister had landed herself into a crocodile pit and would have died had it not been for Askari saving her and becoming gravely injured in the process. Aneesa kept alongside her mother as they continued the journey, unaware of the troubles that had befallen Sarafina and Askari. When the two finally arrived, Aneesa was reunited with her sister, but found out that her father had passed. She grieved her loss alongside her mother, and soon became somewhat reclusive. During her time spent grieving, Aneesa often found herself hiding in the depths of pride rock. It was there that she met the youngest prince of the pridelands, who mocked her tears and told her that since there was nothing, she could do to change the past, she had no reason to be upset. At first, she disliked the quiet prince, who she sometimes found to be scary for the scar on his face and the sharpness with which he interacted with her. After time though, she began to find his demeanor refreshing and unalike the often-forced smiles and fake joy of the other lions. Aneesa began to hang around him more and more despite his initial insistence that she leave him alone. The two soon developed a great connection. On her first hunt alongside her sister, Aneesa and Sarafina found themselves in trouble as hyenas surrounded the antelope the two had taken down. The hyenas prepared to attack the young lionesses but were stopped in their tracks by none other than Taka. He drove them off and told the two lionesses to go home. Sarafina took the fresh kill back with her, but Aneesa decided to stick around and see what the issue was. Following closely behind her friend, Aneesa discovered that Taka was in league with the hyenas. He was telling them to never come near her again, but he also spoke of toppling over his brother. Aneesa was distraught upon hearing this and took off back to pride rock. She sought out the Queen-mother Uru and told her what she had witnessed. Uru, the ever lovingly blind mother of Taka, assured Aneesa that what she saw meant nothing. She also warned her to stay quiet, and that if she was truly worried about Taka then she would stay by his side and help guide him. Unsure of what to do and unable to go anywhere with how young and vulnerable she was, Aneesa stayed put. After some time, she slowly found herself reconciling with Taka, who had no idea of what she knew. This fear-induced charade of hers continued until Mufasa died. On the night of his death, Scar proclaimed himself the new king and welcomed the hyenas into the pride lands. Aneesa quickly became worried, because her own safety was no longer her only concern. She was carrying Scar’s cub, and she knew that she did not want them to grow up in such a home. She confided with her sister, who helped her come up with a plan of escape that involved Scar’s older brother Vikai. On his visit to the pridelands to mourn his older brother and congratulate the younger, Aneesa pleaded with the stronger male to take her away from the lands. At first Vikai was understandably unwilling, but Aneesa persisted. He warned her that she would never again be allowed to step foot in the pride lands while Scar ruled. That if he ever found out that she had taken his cub and run, he would hunt her down to the ends of the Earth. Still, Aneesa argued that it was better she was on the run than to bring life into a land that was ruled by Scar. Vikai finally relented and took her away in the night. He found a nice secluded land for them to stay in and was rather helpful to her throughout her pregnancy and eventual birth of her cub. Aneesa soon found herself loving his double-edged kindness. Every time he left for some days to wander, he always returned with a gift in his jaws for her. When she admitted her feelings, Vikai was quick to let her know that no lioness living could claim his heart, for it belonged to her aunt, Hemsa. Aneesa was upset at first but was still grateful for all that he had done for her and so instead decided to be his friend. Together they raised Kado under the impression that Vikai was his father.

Relation to TLK: Sarafina’s sister, Nala’s aunt, Scar and Vikai’s mates

Original images and background © Disney

Aneesa and Render © me


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August 12, 2019
Usa Is not currently on the site
Thank you so much! They all go through so much redesigning I can barely keep up haha. As for the names, It depends on the character. Aneesa’s name has actually multiple meanings in a few languages (I believe Swahili,Hebrew And something else) as for my other characters, I usually take a pre-existing name and change a letter or two to make it brand new. Shanasa for example comes from “Chanasa” and so on and so forth. :icon335:

August 12, 2019
Usa Is not currently on the site
Wow! I love how you render your characters!I really like her colors and where do you find the names if i may ask? :TLKlove:

August 11, 2019
Usa Is not currently on the site
Thank you! :icon74:

August 11, 2019
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
She’s adorable I love the bio

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