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Amani (NT1)

Amani (NT1)


Created by : LittleDrew

Main type : Avatar / Fursona

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Orange

Specific type : ---------


Detail Amani (NT1)

-"Yup, i'm the Pride Land's princess UvU"-

Amani performing for unknown lion cubs

Name: Amani

Meaning: The peace (in suaíli)

Age: depends on the use

Gender: Female lioness

Parents: Mufasa and Sarabi

Siblings: Simba

Mate: Evreu

Cubs: Baruti and Upendi.

Status: Alive

Alignment: Good.

Appearance: Amani has a dark coloration, between his parents, his eyes are of an orange color, as those of Sarabi and (simba, more or less.)

Amani has grayish red round nose of PrideLander as both parents and others pride landers.
its tuft in the tail presents a between red/brown color.

above his head is a small fringe tuft like that of Simba and Tama, that even as an adult, is still there.

Amani as a child and young adult has the same Kiara's body, but when it grows it has the same body as Nala.

Personality: Amani is a happy and affectionate cub with her parents and friends, challenging, Curious and adventurous, she disobeys the advice that given to her, which will also cause him many troubles with her brother and best friend, Evreu.

Amani as an adult, is strong and focused on her duties, is a protective young lioness, but when she loses her head out of anger, it is best left her alone.

Like: Her family, playing and exploring around pride rock,Evreu (JokerXLisa's character), playing in the mud, swimming, being washed and being the center of attention.

Deslikes: to be ignored, letting others down, heights, high-pitched noises, her uncle's rules.


• TLK Mufasa's reign

Born while Mufasa and Sarabi ruled the PrideLands, Amani is the second child that Mufasa and Sarabi had, she was born minutes after Simba was born.

she became friends to Evreu yet "babies" her spots had not yet disappeared.

Evreu's mother came to see the Sarabi's new cubs (Simba and Amani) and took her little one, who approached slowly trying to walk close to the arms of Sarabi, where Amani raised her head and their noses against each other.

still cub, Amani decided to wander around the PrideLands with her brother, but they felt that something was behind them, went on the heels, a giant gray hyena (for the cubs is giant) and tried to catch both cubs, but the other hyena who also was with the ashes, took Amani from behind, both fled with the cub.

Simba, who had escaped, went straight to his parents to tell what had happened.
Mufasa and Sarabi were as worried as.
Mufasa called a group of lionesses to find Amani, and another to go with him to the Graveyard, where Amani would be.

When he arrived he saw that the hyenas were with his daughter, and attacked, Amani was unconscious, since it had been thrown on a rock.

The Group defended its king so that it caught Amani, and left of there.

Two days later, Amani woke up with the medicines Rafiki had made.

she did not remember much of what had happened right.


between the events where Simba and Nala go to the elephant graveyard, Amani and Evreu go to a part also distant from the kingdom, where a rogue lion stopped them and threatened the cubs, both fled until Sarabi, Sarafina and Harú appear to save them .

• TLK When and after Mufasa's death

Amani and Evreu were playing near the ravine, where they heard the steps of the wildebeests that formed the defendant, both were far from danger and out of sight of Mufasa, so Amani had not realized that his brother and father were in grave danger.

after the defendant cooled down, they both ventured (as I'm showing in the comic "The Underground Adventures") while the dust devastated the ravine.

Amani found his fallen father, Simba had already fled at that hour, as soon as he saw his father there as Simba, tried to wake him, amid the crying embraced his father, then is pulled into a hole in the ravine, hiding together with Evreu, when Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed passed by until they heard Scar's voice.

After that, both of them leave for PrideRock, where they meet with Scar giving the news, Sarabi appears there worried, Amani with tears in the eyes embraces the paw of the mother trying to speak what had happened.

• TLK After Scar's reign

Simba had returned to PrideLands, asked Nala to warn all the lionesses of the kingdom about his return and that they would need their help, among them Amani was, that after hearing such a thing rushed to warn the other lionesses that were in the kingdom, and the war between the hyenas and lionesses, simba and scar happens.

after all this she comes close to her brother, hugging him tightly and with tears in her eyes.

• TLK2 event

Amani and Evreu become mates, and have two cubs, Upendi and Baruti, who like Kiara and Kopa are adventurous.

Amani helped Simba and Nala to take care of Kopa, this one feels guilty by the "death" of the sub, since it could do nothing to avoid the tragedy.

Relation with TLK: PrideLand's princess, Mufasa's and Sarabi's daughter, Simba's younger sister and Evreu's best friend (mate as adult.)


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