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Created by : Tripgirl2

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

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Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Light red

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Detail Almasi

Name: Almasi

meaning: “Jewel” in swahili 

parents: Jaali and Aminifu

siblings: none

age: adult

mate: Mohatu

cubs: Kweli and Uru

personality: Almasi is a gorgeous lioness, with a queenly air about her. She is extremely loyal to her family and pride and would kill for her cubs. She is the hotter temper to Mohatu’s calm demeanor and they balance each other well. She is extremely gentle with her cubs, but get on her bad side and she can be very cold. After her son’s death she becomes very distant emotionally and never fully recovers

likes: her family, long walks alone, hunting with Mohatu, playing with her cubs and occasional gossip sessions with the  lionesses

dislikes: mud, hyenas, when Mohatu is too goofy or wont take  anything seriously, illness, her family in danger 

relationship to movie: Grandmother to Mufasa and Scar, great grandmother of Simba


Almasi was born into Mohatu’s pride, the daughter of King Choto’s lead huntress Jaali and her loner mate Aminifu(on friendly terms with the pride). She was betrothed to Mohatu at birth and they grew up as close friends. Even as cubs Almasi was always serious while Mohatu was a jokester. She was the first to spot trouble with his younger brother Choyo(Selfish lion) and later convinces her husband to exile him after he tries to lure hyenas in to kill him for the throne. Shortly after Mohatu takes the throne Almasi gives him his son and heir, Kweli. Almasi adored her son and a few moons later she gave birth to Uru and their family seemed complete and everything was good. Then it all came crashing down when nine moon old Kweli dies from an infection. His death broke Almasi and she never recovered, becoming almost a recluse, ignoring her daughter. She eventually dies from heart failure when Uru is a teenager, some say from grief

bases: Malaika4 deviantart and Aloobah deviantart 



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