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Alister (WF)

Alister (WF)


Created by : -WildFire-

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Alister (WF)

Name: Alister

Species: African lion

Gender: Male

Parents: Ahadi and Uru (adoptive)

Siblings: Mufasa and Scar (adoptive)

Mate: None

Cubs: None

Pride: The Riverside pride

Rank: Advisor to prince Thabo


Personality: Obedient, loyal, intelligent, friendly to everyone, always ready to serve his leaders.

Likes: Thabo, Ayana, the pride, having conversations, walking and studying plants.

Dislikes: Scar, fighting and violence, anything or anyone threatening the pride, rainy days.


Story: Adandoned by his parents as ayoung cub, Alister was found by queen Uru and raised along side with the two sons of her and her mate, king Ahadi. As he grew, Alister always knew that Ahadi and Uru weren't his real parents, nor Mufasa and Taka his real brothers, but he still considered them as such and loved his adoptive family dearly. He sgrew closer with Taka, who felt rejected by their father and since Mufasa was busy with his lessons. Alister was the only one Taka ever opened up to and pretty much his only friend, and the two developed a strong bond together. Things took a drastic turn when Mufasa became king, and Alister noticed a clear change in Taka - who now preferred to be called Scar. Scar had become much more distant and bitter, and spent most of his time with the hyenas, and no matter how hard Alister tried, he just couldn't get through to him like he used to when they were younger. And when Mufasa and his son Simba died and Scar took the throne, things got worse. Alister wouldn't give up on his brother though, he was certain that the same old Taka was still in there somewhere, so he tried and tried to reason with him, but it was no use. After yet one more argument, Alister approached Scar and called him Taka, which made Scar furious and he turned and slashed Alister's face with his claws, leaving him with 4 scratches on his cheek. After this Scar swore to Alister that if he ever called him Taka again, he would kill him, then walked away - leaving a shocked Alister with a bleeding cheek and eyes widened with disbelief. Since that incident Alister decided it was best to keep out of Scar's way. But then, help arrived when the thought to be dead Simba returned, defeated Scar and reclaimed his rightful throne. Simba invited Alister to stay in the Pridelands, but he kindly rejected the offer, as there were too many things that reminded him of Scar and all the bad things he had caused, so he decided to leave and life his life as a rogue. Years later, Alister ran into Simba's son Thabo, who was having some trouble with hyenas trying to steal his kill. Alister came to his aid chasing them off, and as a token of gratitude Thabo invited him back to his pride and offered him a piece from the kill. After traveling for a few days, Alister welcomed the food and cool shelter provided by the large trees surrounding the pride. He rather liked it in the Riverside pride, and asked Thabo, the leader of the pride if he could stay, and offered to help around and lend a paw or piece of advice if needed. Thabo, confident that Alister's age and life experience would be a great advantage to the pride, agreed and allowed him to stay.

Relation to TLK: Raised by Ahadi and Uru, used to have a close bond with Scar, lives in a pride lead by Simba and Nala's son.

Voice actor: Rob Lowe


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