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Created by : Wild Wind

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Dark red

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Akosua

Name: Akosua

Meaning: "Born On Sunday" on Akan

Nickname: Ako

Breed/Type: Lion

Gender: Female

Mother: Kiara (deceased)

Adopted Mother: Nala (c) Disney

Father: Kovu (c) Disney

Adopted Father: Simba (c) Disney

Siblings: Tendaji, Kato, Rutendo (c) Me

Half-Siblings: Unknown/None

Adopted Siblings: None

Crush(es): None

Crusher(s): None

Mate(s): None

Ex-Mate: None

Cub(s): None

Adopted Cubs: None

Friends: Kovu, Kiara (formerly), Nala, Kato (formerly), Rutendo, Tendaji, Imamu, Adanna, Bamidele

Enemies: Kovu (formerly), Rutendo (formerly), Tendaji (formerly), Kato

Personality: Akosua is a very stubborn, strong-headed lioness. When she was a cub, she was full of life and always playful. However, after the death of her mother, she grew quite bitter and cold-hearted. She was mean, though preferred to show her anger with silence rather than actions. She has shown to be protective over those things that she cherishes. When wrongs have been righted, she turns into a bright lioness, happy once again in her life. She has always been loyal to her family, whoever they may be, but that may break after she sees what has been done.

Likes: Hunting, Nala, Kato (formerly), Kovu, Rutendo, Kiara, Tendaji, Adanna, Playing, Cubs, Her Family, Simba, Sarabi, Sarafina, Bamidele, Imamu

Dislikes: Kovu (formerly), Kato, Kiara (formerly), Simba (formerly), Fires, Rutendo (formerly), Tendaji (formerly), Adanna (formerly)

Pride: Simba's Pride

History: Akosua was born as the first cub to Kiara and Kovu. However, tradition stated that the first born male was to be the future ruler, and since Kovu valued tradition, he decided not to make her future ruler. Growing up, she was influenced by Nala, Kiara, Sarabi, and Sarafina. She enjoyed spending time with Sarabi the most, and often listened intently to the old lioness' words. She learned hunting early on from Kiara, Nala, and Sarabi, as well as Kovu, though he was mre busy with being learning to be king. She adored her mother, and loved to listen to stories from her, or just lay beside her all day. She was very active, always prancing around and jumping after butterflies. She worked intently on her hunting skills, trying her best to impress the older lionesses. She was excited at the prospect of siblings, and absolutely couldn't wait to meet them.

However, there were complications when they were born, and her mother was lost. And when she saw the new cubs, she only thought of hate and anger. She despised the young cubs who had taken her mother, and it only infuriated her more when her father decided to abandon her and her siblings instead of taking care of them. Eventually, she teamed up with Kato after he convinced her that Rutendo was responsible. And so, they tormented her over and over, until it lead to Tendaji injuring Kato. A few days later, Simba, Nala, and six other pridemembers disappeared, including her dear Sarabi and Nala. Kopa took over, with his cubs to be the future rulers. Kovu did noting to this, and was going to allow it to happen. She grew older, and became more intwined with Kato's plots. She helped him to exile Tendaji and become king. However, she realized that she made a mistake.

Under Kato's rule, the pridelands soon became a wasteland. Prey disappeared, and many starved. She began to think this was a bad idea, and when Rutendo came back, she admitted that she was wrong to follow Kato. She helped find Kato, and watched as he and Tendaji battled it out. While they were fighting, he nearly killed tendaji by throwing him over the side, and on instinct, Akosua attacked, but got a bad hit from Kato, causing Tendaji to lash out at his brother once more. Finally, when Kato died, she pledged her loyalty to Tendaji, the rightful king. Things began to go good for her then. Kovu snapped out of his trance and started to care for his cubs, finally becoming a father once more. Rutendo went off to find a lost friend of hers, and during that time, Akosua decided to find her own path in life. She promised she would return sometimes for a visit, and then left to live her own life.

Head Render (c)  tytos

Body Render (c) lionobsession

Theme Song: Deciding


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