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Created by : Sierra.

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

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Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Akinyi.

Name:Akinyi ("born in the morning in African")


Species:African Lion 

Parents: unknown. Adopted by Karma

Siblings: none

Mate: Ashur(in name only to protect herself), Koda

Cubs: Pixie(w/Koda)

Pride:Ni's Pride

Friends:Ni, Leona, Kat, Savannah, Nel, and everyone else in the pride. 

Personality: Akinyi is a loving, generous lioness, who never really knew her real family and has a bitof a princess streak since she was raised by Ni and the pride. She hates being told she cannot do something and often does it anyways regardless of the consequences. She really has no filter. she says whatever is on her mind, shes a loving mother and believes in her daughter. 

Likes: Koda, her pride, ni, being around other females, Karma
Dislikes: that she is not allowed with koda, having to pretend

History:Born to two unknown lions, they vanished after she was born without a trace. No one really honestly knew what happened to them. Akinyi was barley old enough to survive, so Ni took the young cub to one of his lionesses that had just given birth but lost her babies, Karma. Karma was happy to take in the young cub and gave her the name Akinyi but everyone called her Aki. Aki grew up believing Karma was her mother and the rest of the pride along with Ni raised her well. Ni acted as a father figure, but never taught her to call him father, as he was not her father, he ws her guardian much like Karma. 

As she got older Aki developed a sense of getting into trouble and didnt really listen to the rules very well. She became very good friends with Kat, a lioness who was much like her but more of the calm, shy version of her. They became close and then a young teenage lioness named Leona joined the pride and Aki could see that Kat liked her, so while Kat was spending time with Leona, Aki would wander aroound the permiter of the pride One day she found a young male whose name was Koda.

She brought Koda back to the pride, but Ni didnt let him join the pride for his own reasons, and forbid Aki from seeing him again. Aki was angery and still managed to sneak out and see Koda everynight, with only Kat knowing the truth. During one of these late night excusions, Ni's best friend Ashur followed her and found her with Koda. 

Ashur made a deal with Aki, that if she promised never to see Koda again despie what Ni said, he would let Koda live and not tell Ni about any of this. Aki wanting Koda to be safe and thinking he would fight for her, waited but Koda did nothing and Aki left with Ashur. They returned back to the pride and Aki went straight to Kat and Leona's den upset and crying. The two lionesses comforted her and months later she gave borth to a young female cub whom she named Pixie. Kat rushed to get Ashur and upon seeing the cub went to Ni and told him that he became mates with Aki and the cub was his to protect Akinyi and the cub. 

She found a new reason to live, Pixie and she would raise her the best she could. 

How related to tlk: raised in Ni's Pride, Ni is her guardian.


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February 13, 2020
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She’s soooo pretty ❤️

February 07, 2020
Usa Is not currently on the site
She’s so pretty big sis :KiaraSmile:

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