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Created by : Sierra.

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Akeelah.

Name: Akeelah("Eagle in English")




Siblings: N/A

Mate: Tanglemane

Cubs: Nia & Talon

Likes: cubs, her pride, Tanglemane, long walks under the moonlight, being able to help those who need it.

Dislikes:rouges, anyone who threatens those she cares for, the word no 

Pride:The Brave Pride(Tanglemane's)

Rank: Queen 

Personality:Kind hearted, spirited, brave, adventurous, caring, sassy(sometimes), does not like to take no for an answer. Very strong willed and stubborn, she cares more about her family and pride above all else, she will do anything ti protect those she cares about, can be a bit selfish sometimes.

History: Akeelah was born in the brave pride to two unknown lions who abandoned her shortly after birth. She was raised by the lionesses in the pride, not any one in particular they all chipped in and helped raise the young cub. The medicine lioness gave her the name Akeelah because she was as free spirited as an eagle high in the sky. Akeelah having never knew her biological parents, it sometimes caused a bit of a problem when it came to making friends, and she spent most her childhood with the older lionesses, learning the way of the hunt and medicine to further help the pride. 

As she became an adult, the only lion who was ever nice to her was Tanglemane, the King and Queen of the pride's son. He was next in line for the throne and he always brought her something when he came back from training with his father. She never really ever understood it, because every young available lioness was interested in him. Why he liked her, Akeelah had no idea. One night he invited her for a midnight stroll and she accepted it was on this stroll, he admitted why he liked her so much. She wasnt like the other lionesses in the pride fawning over him because he was a prince. So after that night, she and Tanglemane started spending more and more time together until she started to feel something for him and he admitted he felt the same, thus the two became mates.

Not long after they became mates, while out on a hunt, Tanglemane's mother was killed and his father fell apart after the loss of his mate. With his father no longer able to rule, Tanglemane stepped up and became King, thus making Akeelah the Queen of the pride. Not long after she gave birth to two beautful cubs, Talon & Nia.

How relate to tlk: the mate of tanglemane, was raised in his pride.
Bases(c)merlynsmidnight(until i finish her ref)


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