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Aibu (S&V)

Aibu (S&V)


Created by : shenzi and vitani

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Aibu (S&V)


Name: Aibu
Meaning: Shy
Gender: Female
Eye color: Light blue like the morning sky
Fur color: A light golden cream, something like carmel
Nose color: A dull pink
Pawpad color: Dark brown with dull pink speckles
Other markings:Ear making with spot on the back, head stripe, and a tail marking
Tail tuft color: Light cream with a darker cream rim on the outside
Mother: A outlander female
Father: A pridelander Male
Siblings: None
Crush: Kovu
Crushers: None
Mate:None, Formarly Kovu
Cubs: One cub (Being made by Smash!)
Likes: Not a big fan of anything really.
Dislikes: Zira, Her father, Prides, Kiara,Kovu and War
Shortly before the war, A small cub was born in the outlands, The lioness hung her ead in shame for the father was a Pridelander, The one she had to fight in up coming war. But this lioness was smart and decided to run away from Zira. Taking her cub this lioness ran far away using her smarts to stay safe, But she wasn't smart enough to beat Zira whom found her and killed the traitor. Zira Took this little cub pack to the pride and made her Kovu's heir when he was King. This cubs name is Aibu and her story is not a happy one.
Aibu devopled a crush on kovu as she aged, But never felt right in the outlands, All the other cubs made fu of her for being a 'Half-Pride' Aibu never understood what they ment, Till Kovu explained to her about her father being a Priderlander and her mothers death. Aibu ran to the pridelands that night to find her father, Luckyily a hunting female found and was nice enough to lead her to the pride.
Once she found her father, Aibu's father didn't want her. He claimed he had a new mate and cubs and  didn't need his old family now. Shocked, Aibu ran away from the Pridelands, Tired, hungry and depressed she collasped by a large tree. When she awoke a Jackle was staring at her. Aibu jumped up to face the small dog. The jackel named Shania, Gave her food and shelter and adopted young Aibu.
Shania taught Aibu everything about hunting and fighting when AIbu was a teen. But sadly Shania passed away of a illness. Sad and alone Aibu walked away from her home, Not wanting to stir up old memories. She kept her head down until she bumped into someone. She looked up to see Kovu. Kovu and Aibu became very close, and then mates. But Kovu stopped coming to see her one day and Aibu got courious where he was and went to find him. She found him with Kiara, The priderlander princess. She ran off crying, As it started to rain, Her tears mixed with rain.
Soon after Kovu and Kiaras marrige, Kovu returned to Aibu's home and begged for her forgiveness. He broke up wit Kiara and wanted her back. Aibu told him it was to late to apoligze and sent him away. later that Night Aibu was attacked by Kovu, she couldn't win and gave in to him, Kovu made her mate with him, hen left  and Aibu never saw him again. Aibu soon became pregant with cubs, But during giving birth, all the cubs were still born except one that was the runt. Aibu buried the rest of her cubs and sorrow and left her den once again taking the surviving cub along with her.


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January 02, 2013
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June 01, 2012
Australia Is not currently on the site
I love her! ^^ Would it be possible if I could give her a mate? c:

May 31, 2012
Usa Is not currently on the site
She looks beautiful, Shenzi! ^^ I love her so much, thank you for giving her such a great story! :D

May 31, 2012
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
She is gorgeous! Smash! did another great job! I had wanted her when i saw her, your so lucky to have her :) and i like the render you did of her!

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