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Aibu (HIE)

Aibu (HIE)


Created by : Hige Is Epic

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Aibu (HIE)

Basic Information

Name: Aibu (Means Shy in Swahili)

Age: Depends on use

Gender: Female

Breed: African lion



Pride : Pridelanders (Mufasa's, Scars then Simba's)

Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown

Siblings: Tojo

Crush/Mate: Akida (Killer Bee)

Cubs: Dafari and Sauda


Personality: Aibu is very jittery, shy and nervous as a cub. She is considered a scaredy cat. She gets slightly braver and her shyness isnt as obvious as she grows up. Aibu is a kind lioness, and doesnt like causing trouble. She prefers to stay out of dangers way and normally would hide out on her own. Her shyness increases when around Akida, she just gets tongue-tied and nervous.

Likes: Akida, Tojo, feeling relaxed, early morning.

Dislikes: Scar, when the other cubs bully her, her shyness, when Akida gets to close-As in flustering close.

Fears: Scar, that Akida might suddenly hate her.

History:  Aibu and her brother Tojo were born just a few days after Simba, as Sarabi and their mother were close friends the two normally sat and talked to each other while they cared for their newborns. Aibu rarely moved frrom her mothers side, and refused to attempt at walking and talking. Much unlike her brother, as Tojo was playing with Simba by now. She didnt venture from her mother's side, she tried once, but got frightened. As Simba had thought it had been a funny idea to pounce on the shy cub. She instantly was scared alot and wouldnt get up to play for days.

But Tojo eventually lured her out, by this time the cubs could talk ,walk and get in to considerable amount of mischief. They would run around the cave, jumping and weaving through thr other lionessess paws. With Nala joining in the fun not long after. Aibu was shy around the other cubs, Tojo less so as he was her brother and Nala was okay as she was nice. But when Nala brought her brother Akida to play with them for the first time ever, Aibu was the shyest she had ever been. She went completely tongue-tied. She blushed at the sight of him and tried her best not be near him. But it was like he wanted to play with her the most. Despite her shyness, she did become really good friends with him.

When Mufasa and Simba were killed in a stampede, Aibu was the one who comforted her brother for days, he was devasted at the loss of his cub-hood friend.

As Scar took the throne, Aibu became terrified of the new king. She tried her best to avoid him as much as possible, something her mother agreed on. But one day , for reasons unknown, Scar lashed out at her and she couldnt fight back. But Akida leapt to her aid and attacked Scar, frightened out of her mind, Aibu watched in horror.. The hyenas soon got Akida off the king, and Aibu knew what would happen next. Scar exiled Akida, calling him a traitor. She watched in despair as her was forced to leave, glacing one last sad look at her.Now long after, Scra banished all the other male cubs who were growing a mane. He thought that they too would attack him like Akida had, and he saw them as a threat to his crown.

Aibu was heartbroken, she had lost Akida and now her brother! Was Scar trying to punish her? The lioness grew up in fear of what would happen next..

And what it was was the most horrible thing that ahd ever happend to her. Now a fully grown young adult, with her beauty flourished. Scar ordered her to his private cave that night...

A few weeks later, Aibu began to notice her belly was starting to grow slightly. She knew instantly what was happening..She was pregnant with Scar's cubs! Frightened, she ran away, not even telling her mother or the other lionessess what was going on. She was so scared and disgusted. Aibu ran for days, stopping to drink and hunt along the way. She had no idea where she was headed, just had to get away.

Soon she arrived in a peaceful looking savanah, she stopped to rest, and sighed. What was she going to do? Aibu was soon greeted with a shocking surprise. While looking for a place to sleep, she bumped into a male lion. Instanly her shy barriers shot up, ever since that nigth with Scar..She was nervous around males more. But she knew this lion...


It was Akida. her first reaction was sheer joy, but then she realised..She was pregnant with Scar's cubs..Would he hate her, like he hated Scar? The thought terrified her. Akida was over-joyed at seeing her, he didnt notice her belly was much bigger than last time they saw each other. But he soon picked up on her anxiety. He knew something was wrong.

Aibu was scared of tellling him, but he spoke softly to her, trying to coax it out.Voice wavvering, Aibu blurted it out. But too scared to see Akida's reaction she bolted. He called her name but she didnt stop.

Once he caught up with her and calmed her down, Akida promised he would never leave her and swore to protect her. Much calmer now, she didnt run off again, and stayed by his side.

With each passing day she was becoming more stressed about having Scar's cubs, and sometimes she didnt bother to move all day, incase she suddenly freaked out and tripped in her panic.

Finally Aibu had Scar's cubs. She had two, one the first born-Dafari. Second his slightly younger sister, Sauda. Sauda's fur was exactly like Scars, and Dafari had his eyes. Aibu was worried that Akida mind might change after seeing them.

Relation to TLK: Tojo's sister and  is the mother if two of scars cubs.

Base (c) Killer Bee (Aka Wolfgirl50 on dA)

Thanks to Lionsoulkopa for giving her to me!



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