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Afua (Sukalaverse)

Afua (Sukalaverse)


Created by : Sukala A.P.

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Orange

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Afua (Sukalaverse)

Name: Afua (meaning ''protection'' and ''mercy'' in Swahili)

First Apparition Date: 1994 (2018 for my version of him)

Species: Lion (Panthera Leo)

Family: Malka (father), Tama (mother), the bravest of Scar's Lion Guard (maternal grandfather), Sarabi's older brother (paternal grandfather) Sarabi and her sisters (paternal grand-aunts)

Age/Generation: Adult, several months older than Kiara and Kion, about the same age as Kopa and several months younger than Nuka. Currently only seen as a cub.

Status: Alive

Residence: Pride Lands (temporarily), Malka's Pride 

Alignment: Good

Appearance: Afua is an orange lion with tufted ears and a dark brown curly mane.

Personality: Afua was a spoiled cub who took advantage of his role as the future king. He was pretty much like any normal cub of his age, though a little more proud and manipulative. He often tends to hurt someone unconsciously, but quickly apologies when realising his mistakes. He later grew to be more mature and open-minded, ideal traits for a king... or at least that's what the others believed.

Like And Dislikes: He loves everything and everyone that has the potential of impressing him, Beba the cheetah by example. It was the law of the best in his eyes. He loved playing with other cubs like any average ones, but hates when things don't turn out the way he likes.

Fact About Him: His character is based on a lion cub mentionned in the TLK6NA books as Kopa's best friend. His backstory, family relations, appareance and personality are just the fruit of my interpretation.

History: Afua was born to king Malka and queen Tama in the Pride Land's neighboring pride, on the other side of the mountains. As Malka's only cub, he was picked to be the heir to the throne, destined one day to take his father's place.

One day, he and his pride settled in the Pride Lands for an undefined amount of time after being invited by king Simba himself. This temporarily union, suggested by Sarabi in the first place, consisted of bringing company to Kopa, who was the only cub his age in the Pride Lands. Afua was surely excited to meet the other prince. So he and his two comrades, Babu and Boga, developed a friendship with the prince of the Pride Lands and would often play all sorts of games with him. Afua personally prefered Kopa as his best friend since they were both princes destined to have power over their kingdom. So he saw Babu and Boga as inferior classes, even though he lets them play with him.

Afua and Kopa did not always have the healthiest friendship since they would constantly challenge each other. That would later lead to a terrible accident when Afua threatened Kopa that they would no longer be friends if he did not climb the tree. The situation obviously ended in a disaster when Kopa fell from the tree and seriously injured his leg. It took some time to Afua to admit his faults and then apologize to his friend. A few times after the accident, Afua still played with the other cubs while sometimes visiting Kopa in his den.

But one day, Malka's pride had to go back to their home after a tragedy and betrayal that caused the loss of Afua's best friend. 

Afua would much later on become the key that would make the union of his pride with the Pride Landers last for eternity...


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