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Created by : Sierra.

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Afiya.

Name: Afiya("Health")


Sex: Female

Parents: Kovu X Kiara

Siblings:(full)Kuimba(twin sister), Adonis(half-brother)





Generation: Eleventh 

Personality: Afiya is shy and not very sure about strangers, She dosent like confrontation and often hides from it. She tries to find a solution around any problem by using her head. Because she is so shy people do not expect her to be a troublemaker, but if things dont go her way, much like her mother she tends to get upset and causes trouble that her sister use to have to save her from. 

History:Afiya is the twin of Kuimba, She looks more like her father Kovu, but her additude is that of them both. Afiya was second born and named because she was in such good health, Afiya never got sick and rarley ever talked to strangers. She was shy and taken back and many people didnt believe that she could in deed cause trouble but sometimes trying to stay out of trouble got her into trouble. Kuimba often had to help get her out of it. The twins like most were very close.

One day while Kiara was out hunting, she was told by her father that KIara had died and no one knew where she was. Heartbroken she sought comfort in her sister, only to have Kuimba run away and not want anything to do with her family or the pridelands. Afiya heartbroken dealt with the loss iof her mother. Her father Kovu decided she would be the next heir and trained her the best he could. But he was suffering also, he lost not only the love of his life, but one of his twins and sought refuge in an outlander lioness soon taking her to be his new mate. Afiya wasnt to keen on her father moving on but as long as he was happy she was.

Kiara was not in fact dead, she came back with a son named Adonis who was her and Nuka's son and proclaimed him as heir. Trouble would soon be brewing. But herchildhood friend Caius helped her out more than anyone ever thought he could. 

How related to tlk: the daughter of Kiara and Kovu

Family Tree

Grandparents:Simba and Nala/Zira and Scar

Great GrandParents: Mufasa And Sarabi

Great Great Grandparents:Uru And Ahadi

Great Aunt:Dafina & Honor

Aunts:Nyonda, Kiara, Fluffy

Uncles:Tarriq, Kopa, Nuka

Second Cousins Nyra, Emilia 

All renders(c)Me


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