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Adiah (M)

Adiah (M)


Created by : Maltashaastaka

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Adiah (M)

Basic info

 Name: Adiah

Meaning: Gift

Nicknames: Adia

Age: depends on use

Generation: Kiara's (1 or 2 seasons younger)


Even though Adiah looks a lot like her mother, she isn't anything like her mother personalitywise. As a cub, she was immatured like her father was at her age, but she wasn't naughty like him. She was quite and obidient. Most of the time, she preferred to stay in the background. She was nervous if she had to talk to new people, or boys. Adiah was also very girly, she loved taking baths and to talk about cute guys even though she wasn't good in approaching them. As an adult, she was still a bit immatured. She loved it if a cute guy would talk to her, but she always felt nervous and could not approach them herself. She also loved cubs very much and was motherly. She is a good lioness at heart like her mother and loved her family. 

Likes: To take baths, girly talks, cute guys

Dislikes: To be the centre of attention


 Parents: Simba & Nala

Siblings: Kiara, Kion, Kamaria (littermate)

Mate: none yet

Cubs: none yet

Relation to TLK: Simba and Nala's fourth and last cub


Adiah was born shortly before Kion left to heal his scar, along with her littermate Kamaria, herself being younger by a few minutes. Their birth brought joy into the whole pride lands, and as they began to grow up, Kiara and her parents were able to forget Kion's absence because they were busy playing and taking care of the little girls all day. Adiah looked almost exactly like her mother as a cub, and thus she was named 'Adiah' which had the same meaning as her mother's name- gift. Adiah was a bit immatured like her sister Kiara and her father were at her age. However, she was not adventurous or naughty like them. She always did what she was told to do and preferred to stay in the background. She was not good in talking to boys when she was young, and so only had female friends. She spent time with them doing girly talks. She also loved taking baths from her mother. Adia did not get very well along with her sister Kamaria though, they were polar opposites. Kamaria was sportive, smart, matured and had leadership qualities, all the things that Adia lacked. She could not understand what fun Kamaria got in being the leader, or why she wanted to be the future queen so eagerly.

Adia loved her elder sister Kiara and Kiara adored her. Adia loved snuggling up her lap and sometimes they talked about cute guys in the Pride Lands. Sometimes, Kiara talked about an outlander guy called Kovu, and Adia really found this cute. She dreamt of being with a cute, fun loving, nice guy when she grew up, and have cubs with him. She also loved playing with baby cubs. Adia could not really remember Kion, since he left the Pride Lands when she was still very young.

As she grew more and more, her maturity did not improve much, and she was still nervous if she had to talk to a guy. She loved her family with all her heart. Soon enough, it was time for Kiara's first hunt. Then, Pride Lands caught fire and the outlander, Kovu, whom Kiara talked a lot about, saved her and joined the pride. As Kiara and Kovu got closer, Adiah found this extremely cute. She herself dreamt of doing the same when she grew up.

Soon, the outlanders joined the Pride Landers and the evil maniac, Zira finally gave up. Adia was a pre teen by then. Soon after that, Kion returned and she met her older brother for the first time after she was old enough to understand everything around her. They spent time and Kion seemed to be a nice guy. Adia found that he was the only guy besides her father, with whom she didn't feel nervous. She really loved her brother. When she learned that Kion loved a lioness called Rani, she was very happy and found it cute. Soon, Kion was to leave the Pride Lands to marry Rani, and Adiah really wanted to go to the Tree of Life. However, Simba insisted that Kamaria and Adiah were too young to make such a long journey. So, she and Kamaria had to stay.

 When Kamaria grew up into an adult, she became pretty, though not as pretty as her sister Kamaria. Guys were crazy for her which made Adia jealous, though she loved her sister and never thought to do anything against her. When Kamaroa would reject any guy, she could not work out why. Adia really wanted a cute guy to talk to her, who would fall in love with her and they would start a family. Though, not many guys asked out Adia and those who did, were not 'cute' in Adia's eyes. She could not approach any guy herself, still. She still felt nervous. 

When Kamaria decided to leave the Pride Lands, Adia felt extremely sad. Even if they didn't get along very well, they were still sisters after all. Kamaria and Adia parted good byes with each other, and Adia watched as Kamaria started her journey for the unknown.


- Render (c) Me


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