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Adanna (WW)

Adanna (WW)


Created by : Wild Wind

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Adanna (WW)

Name: Adanna

Meaning: "Father's Daughter" in Igbo

Breed/Type: Lion

Gender: Female

Age: Cub-Adult/Depends On Use

Mother: Unknown Female Lion

Father: Kivumbi (c) happystool

Siblings: None

Half-Siblings: Bamidele (c) Me, Barke (c) Blissful Meadow, Many

Crush(es): None/Open

Crusher(s): None/Open

Mate: None/Open

Ex-Mate: None

Cubs: None

Adopted Cubs: Imamu (c) Me

Friends: Simba, Bamidele, Nala, Kiara, Fluffy, Kovu, Kopa, Tama, Kula, Mheetu, Chumvi, Open

Enemies: Nuka, Zira, Vitani, Zazu, Outlanders, Open

Personality: She is like her name implies; fiesty, fiery, and not one to be messed with, but thats only when you anger her. Her normal attitude is daring, fearless, kind, generous, but wary. She is wiling to do anything for her friends, and will go as far as to risk her life for them. Her curiosity brings her on journeys, and adventures, and often gets her in trouble. She is protective, but can get a bit bossy sometimes. She speaks for herself and others, and isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She is considered very mean when someone bullies her half-brother, and will lash out if necessary.

Likes: Play Fighting, Racing, Playing, Some of her half-siblings, Her Father, Adventures, Males, Simba, Kiara, Kopa, Fluffy, Nala, Chumvi, Malka, Tama, Mheetu, Imamu, Bamidele

Dislikes: Her Mother, Her Step-Mother(s), Mean Lions, Bullies, Jerks, Hyenas, Quiet, War, Bloodshed, Being Overpowered, Annoying People, Being Subdued, Death, Being Contained

Pride: Kivumbi's/Simba's

Rendered: As a cub: Nala; As a teenager: Kiara; As an adult: Nala; As an elder: Sarabi

History: She was born to a lioness who mated with her father only because she wanted cubs. Because of this, her father didn't pay much attention to her, and often ignored her. But, she was persistent, and tried everything to get his attention. She ran the fastest, climbed the highest, became the strongest fighter, everything to get his attention, but it didn't work. It payed off, as she was one of the best atheletes that ever came from Kivumbi's multiple litters with the lioness'. At the age of a teenager, she left to start a new life. She survived on scraps, but it didn't work out. She later came upon her father's group again, just in time to see a male leaving. It turned out that he was a half-brother of hers. He left to start a new life as well, and they became traveling partners.

It turned out that her brother was an expert at telling direction, and they ended up at Simba's Pride, just in time to meet Kiara and Kovu, the new leaders. When they arrived, they were welcomed with open arms. She hunted for the pride, and became very successful. But little did she know that the tranquility would all end soon. When queen Kiara gave birth, it was hard, and she died in the process, leaving the kingdom without a queen, and even worse, a king. Kovu, distraught by her loss, began to abandon his duties, and forgot all about his cubs. So, Simba once again had to take over with Nala. Around this time, she found a male cub in the Pridelands, and so took him in and named him Imamu. The three cubs, Kato, Tendaji, and Rutendo, along with Imamu alays played, but times weren't always so pleasant. They constantly quarreled, and eventually it led to Kato getting scarred. While Adanna didn't think much of it, it was a sign of bad things to come, an omen.

One morning, they woke up to find half the pride missing, including King Simba and Queen Nala. Many were in termoil over the loss of their rulers, but Adanna managed to calm them all down and assert a new leader. King Kopa and queen Vitani. They all were still sad about the loss of their king and pridemates, but did enjoy Kopa's rule, until their newborn kits were killed by jaguars. Kato told them what happened, and the pride reacted with despair at the loss of their future rulers, and continued on with Tendaji being the next in line. When Tendaji was nearly an adult, Kopa was murdered by rogues, as Kato had told them. They mourned, non more so than Tendaji, who 'ran away' as Kato put it. Now, they had no choice but to make Kato king, and soon, the Pridelands began to fail under his rule. During it, he sent out Imamu in fear that he might try to claim the throne. Adanna watched as her beloved son ran, and thought she would never see him again. Adanna managed to keep them all calm and in line, and tried to reason with Kato, but he had no intention of doing so. She became a sort of second in command of the lionesses after Akosua.

When Tendaji returned, she agreed quickly to help overthrow the king, and watched as Kato fell to his death in the flames. In the aftermath, they had a new, fair king, along with his queen, and king Kovu finally made peace with them again. Akosua left to be a rogue, and so Adanna took over as lead huntress, and was soon overjoyed to see her son alive and with a mate, Rutendo.

Theme Song: Get Off Of My Back-Bryan Adams

Head: Lionobsession

Body: Mayor

Adopted From: happystool


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