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Aadrik (S15)

Aadrik (S15)


Created by : sky15

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Aadrik (S15)

Name: Aadrik.

Name Meaning/Origin: Telugu; It means, "The rising sun between the mountains".

Gender: Male.

Age: Cub.

Parent(s): ---

Sibling(s): ---

Crushes: Subira (Childhood to young adult-hood), Indah (Young adulthood).

Mate(s): Indah.

Cub(s): ---

Pride(s): Pride Rock (born and raised), Litha Pride (Joins later on in his adulthood to be with Indah).

Status: Pridelander (born and raised), Prince of the Litha Pride (Later on in his adulthood).

Personality: Brave, appears to be shy  and bashful when meeting new lions, playful, friendly, sweet, explorer, very sensitive, can behave jealous quickly, caring, romantic, close-minded (not good at expressings his feelings, rather holds them in).

Bio: Aadrik was born and raised at Pride Rock during the era of when Queen Kiara and King Kovu stepped up to the 'higher' throne. Growing up, Aadrik lived a great cubhood. He became best friends with one of Kion and Tiifu's cubs "Subira". The two always hang out together going on mischievous adventures which often gotten them into trouble of course. But they didn't care, they see it as fun and enjoyed lots of laughs.

The two were so close that Aadrik developed a secret crush on the lioness cub. Subira had no idea because Aadrik was so good at hiding things to himself, but her brothers knew about it. Aadrik did not want them saying a word to Subira until he decides the right time to do so.

In adulthood, Aadrik have grown into a handsome lion and Subira blossomed into a gorgeous lioness. Aadrik fell this time even harder for her and is still having a hard time expressing his feelings which results into arguments between the childhood besties. Subira thought of it as strange and did not know why Aadrik acts the way he does. But until finally, Aadrik decides to confess at the last minute when Subira meets a new male lion (he future mate) and Aadrik's true feelings came out. Subira was stunned and speechless at first. She did not know what to say to her old bestie without hurting his feelings. She did not feel the same way.

It crushed Aadrik's heart since he had strong hopes of their future planned out in his mind. So thus, he leaves Pride Rock and never returned. He left with a sadden, broken heart. He could no longer live there anymore seeing the love of his life with someone else. So, he left to start out a new life. While on this journey, he bumps into a new lioness named "Indah". She is a Princess (which he had no idea at first). It took them some time to accept one another on "friendly" terms and eventually they've began enjoying each other's company more by simply hanging out a lot. Indah had even introduced Aadrik to her pride, the Litha Pride.

After spending more and more time, growing a much closer bond, the two had fallen in love and finally Aadrik has met his match. Someone who shares the same feelings. He is now Prince of the Litha Pride resulting a happy ending.


Base(s): Me(C).

Indah, Subira: Me(C).

Aadrik was an adoptable from user: Ralsei (C).

TLK Relation(s): Born and raised at Pride Rock, former Pride Lander, was close best friends with Kion and Tiifu's daughter.



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Anytime ^ ^And thank youuuuu for letting me have this cutie! :KiaraSmile:

October 05, 2019
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So glad to see him up! Thank you for taking care of him :NalaHeart:

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