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Created by : Luscience

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Orange

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail .Reesha.

Name(s): Naree (birth name ; “fiery/my fire”) , Reesha (preferred name ; “feather”)

Relations: Sarafina (mother), Scar (father), Nala (half-sister), Simba (cousin/brother-in-law), Mufasa (uncle), Sarabi (aunt)

Affiliations: Pride Lands (birth home), The Guild of Defenders (current home)

Appearance: Reesha has a tri-colored mane. He has a light orange pelt and sports green eyes like his father. His face, back and tail are freckled, and he has lighter ear rims and colored paws. On his right side Reesha (as an adolescent and onwards) has severe burn scars up his leg, neck and face. Fur can never regrow in those areas. His ears are very pointed. He often carries a white peahen named Katlego on his back (not pictured).

Personality: Prior to the fire that scarred him, Naree was boistorious, often taking up all the attention in a room. He was exceptionally brave and would jump head-first into an argument. After the fire and his scarring, Reesha becomes very quiet, and very few lions hear him speak. The few that do, only hear whispers of the voice. Reesha becomes somewhat reclusive. While still noble and willing to help others, Reesha becomes very insecure of his scars and tends to hide himself away.

Story (through Sarafina’s POV): I had Naree not too long after Scar took over as king of the pride lands. He was my absolute pride and joy, my little fire. My daughter Nala was not very fond of him, and she was too occupied otherwise to bother with her new brother. I tried to keep Naree a secret, because I didn’t want Scar to corrupt him. He wasn’t allowed to interact with anyone but myself or Nala for a long time. I felt guilty, and so I gave him all of my love, and showered him with attention. We had a very close relationship, and I watched as he grew up into a strong and noble prince. When he was a teenager, Scar finally found out about him.

I was so worried that something would happen to my Naree, but Scar didn’t seem interested at all. He had more pressing things to attend to, such as the deteriorating health of the pride lands. On a particularly arid day, my little Naree took off to the outskirts of the land to try and find food for us. Due to the heat and dryness of the savanna, a fire broke out in the same area that Naree had gone to.

I rushed to find him after the fire had died down in the rain. I stumbled into Rafiki, who warned me that it would not be a pretty sight. He was right. My beautiful little prince was a scarred and silent mess.

He was never the same after that fire. He abandoned the name I had given him; he found it a cruel reminder of what had happened to him. He never spoke when others were around. Instead he would have his bird friend Katlego speak in his stead. I have only ever heard him speak once after the fire- we were at the pride land’s border, and he told me that Rafiki had directed him to a group of lions known as the Defenders who would take him in. He said he would visit, and then he stole into the night. I continue to look forward to his visits, though they are often brief, silent, and far and few in between.

Relation to TLK: Reesha is the son of Scar and Sarafina. He lived in the pride lands for most of his life.

Defenders © Tea

Art © me


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September 07, 2020
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Hehe, I’m glad to be a part of it, and you have my permission to render this guy :KiaraLaugh:

September 07, 2020
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Oh wow he has a very interesting story! Also, welcome to the defenders AU! With your permission, I may end up rendering this guy :p

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